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Press clippings

Reports in the national and international media

Both specialist and general-interest media worldwide report on our activities, covering everything from product concepts/developments and stand-out projects to events and lecture series. Here, you’ll find a small selection of these press publications.


arcade (Germany)

Private oases for everyone – the specialist magazine reports on the implementation of our architectural study Personal Sensory Spaces (PSS™) in a German industrial company.

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Salon (Poland)

Interview with Christian Sieger about bathroom and architecture concepts like our Small Size Premium Spa, SSPS® for short.

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Hospitality Design (USA)

"Family matters" – brief, charming presentation of our family business and latest projects in collaboration with Duravit and in the US special magazine.

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Architektur & Bau Forum (Austria)

"Bathroom boom“ – interview with Christian Sieger in the yearly Austrian instyle guide 2020.

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Häuser (Germany)

"Sieger-Typen in Sachen Design" (winner when it comes to design) – read a brief interview with Christian and Michael Sieger about the bestseller Happy D. for Duravit.

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md (Germany)

In its special issue “Smart Work”, the German specialist magazine features our architectural study Personal Sensory Spaces (PSS™).

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Design Biznes (Poland)

Cover story & interview – learn more about our concepts and product designs in the Polish magazine.

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Das Bad 2019 (Germany)

Personal Sensory Spaces – the specialist magazine reports on our latest architectural study PSS™.

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Design Home & Garden (Czech Republic)

On seven pages, the magazine generously presents our diverse design projects for home and tableware decor.

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Artravel (France)

"Tout-en-un" – the french Artravel magazine shows our architectural study SSPS® Apartment in its focus rubric.

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Azure (Canada)

"Thinking small“ – compact interview with Christian Sieger about our architectural study SSPS® and global trends of the sanitary industry.

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Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom (UK)

“Michael and Christian Sieger are breaking new ground in bathroom design“ – enjoy the short, but multi-faceted interview in the specialist magazine.

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Gi Galvano Update (NL)

"Designer in de spotlight – De gebroeders Sieger.“ The Dutch B2B magazine interviewed Christian and Michael Sieger about their long-term partnership with Dornbracht.

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TableWare International (UK)

New decor for an over 20-year-old bestseller – the specialist magazine reports on the porcelain series TRIC and our collaboration with Arzberg.

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Wallpaper, UK

Making history again – a pleasant prediction for our design project for and with Ritzenhoff!

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Ppaper magazine, Taiwan

14 pages plus cover – a generous presentation of our ISH 2017 innovations!

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Dear, Germany

The bathroom as “multitasker” – among others, the design and architecture magazine reports on our premium spa SSPS®.

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Beautiful Apartments, Russia

At first hand, directly at the fair: interview with Christian Sieger about the fittings series Vaia.

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PPaper, Taiwan

Welcome at Harkotten Castle! The magazine shows images from the inspiring working environment.

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ELLE Decoration, Spain

“OH! Del Castillo” – many-faceted interview and tour through the sculpture park at Harkotten Castle.

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Circe, Switzerland

Look behind the curtain – interview about the company’s development and the SIEGER brand.

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Top Decoration, China

The bathroom is central – designer presentation on six pages.

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Das Bad, Germany

"Big time for small bathrooms“ – in all its facets, the SSPS® concept including Broadening Horizons is presented on eight pages. Copyright: medienhausbrandenburger,

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Häuser modernisieren, Schwitzerland

“Full program on 6qm – wellness doesn’t require big rooms”. Presentation of the Small Size Premium Spa, SSPS® for short.

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Jyllands-Posten/BOLIG, Denmark

“Det handler om at vise mennesker, hvordan de kan leve” – multifarious interview about design, quality and life in a large-sized newspaper supplement.

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Wohn!Design, Germany

"Mini spa full of finesse“! The Modern Classic interpretation of SSPS® published in this Trendscout issue. Reference:

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Feel Good living, Germany

In the lifestyle rubric Michael Sieger’s architectural concept Small Size Premium Spa (SSPS®) is highlighted.

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Homes & Gardens, United Kingdom

In conversation with Christian and Michael Sieger: interview about inspiration, the modern bathroom and innovative trends of the sector.

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“In Bad met“ Christian and Michael Sieger – an interview with the Dutch edition of ELLE DECORATION.

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Pure Value, Germany

“A refinement of people’s bathroom routines” – interview with Michael Sieger (in German).

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Architektur & Wohnen Special, Germany

Christian and Michael Sieger about the new CL.1 fittings series (in German).

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bathroom + kitchen, United Kingdom

Presentation of the Small Size Premium Spa architectural concept, SSPS® for short.

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Blue Magazin, Germany

“Working together for tomorrow’s bathrooms” – about the partnership between Dornbracht and sieger design (in German).

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Washrooms & Beyond, India

Attention to the modern premium bathroom and the way it reflects societal trends – presentation of the Small Size Premium Spa concept.

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Prestige, Taiwan

“Smarter Life“ in the bathroom. Interview with Christian Sieger.

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Luxury Watcher, Hong Kong

A further highlight and echo of Christian Sieger’s series of lectures in Asia. The focus is on the collaboration with Dornbracht.

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La Vie, Taiwan

Trends in bathroom design – in conversation with Christian Sieger.

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SanitairID, Netherlands

„Ik will het leven verstaan“: Interview with Michael Sieger about social development and design.

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Dare, Germany

"Insights into design, brands and luxury – changing in the course of time.“ Follow sieger design on 12 pages.

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Luxury Business Report, Germany

Searching for traces at Harkotten Castle. The yearly published report set off for SIEGER terrain.

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Big Black Book, Netherlands

Please come in – impressions from a visit at Harkotten Castle under the title “Origineel & authentiek”.

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Grund Genug, Germany & international

Enjoy a tour around our headquarters on 12 pages – the front cover included. The lifestyle magazine goes on sale in 35 countries across five continents.

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Diners Club Magazine, Germany

“1000SASSAS“ – a portrait of the sieger design cosmos.

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Raum & Wohnen, Switzerland

“From bathroom to lifestyle” – chief editor Werner Lehmann casts a glance behind the walls of Harkotten Castle.

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Der Feinschmecker, Germany

Michael Sieger opened the door for the German magazine and deigned a look into his kitchen.

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Architektur & Wohnen, Germany

People and their bathrooms – the German magazine shows the private bath of Michael Sieger.

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Architektur & Wohnen, Germany

Discover sieger design on nine pages in the A & W Special “Best of German Design”.

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Prestige, Thailand

An article about the partnership with and product concepts for Dornbracht.

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Sankei Express, Japan

Focus on bathroom concepts – an interview with Christian Sieger.

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L´Officiel Hommes, Germany

Eight pages about „Sieger in allen Disziplinen“.

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BVD, Israel

A background report on sieger design and Harkotten Castle.

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Rezidence, Czechia

The supplement with 24 pages gains insights into agency and products.

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Wasser Wärme Luft, Germany

The bath, an integrated feeling of living: interview with Michael Sieger.

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Vsya Evropa, Russia

Four pages about sieger design, from fashion up to fashion bags.

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IDEAT, France

See behind the curtain – Harkotten Castle as home and heart of sieger design.

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Bathroom + Kitchen Today, Singapore

An English interview with Michael Sieger.

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