The premium brand by sieger design

After and alongside successful agency projects, in 2005 Christian and Michael Sieger decided to launch their own premium brand. Then as now, they were driven by a desire to create home and tableware icons and to enrich people’s everyday lives with beautiful, unique design touches.

The brand follows a resolute strategy: diverse premium products that express joie de vivre and combine quality with functionality. These products are developed together with selected partners such as Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG, in whose studios every single piece is made by hand. Collections like the MY CHINA! dinner service and Sip of Gold champagne tumblers can now be found in private apartments, five-star hotels, restaurants and luxury yachts.

Since March 2021 the crystal glass series STAND UP has been getting things moving on the dinner table. The mouth-blown collection was developed in collaboration with Ichendorf Milano and is inspired by the balance of roly-poly toys. The glasses rock gently back and forth each time they’re touched only to regain their balance and stand up straight once again.

For the SIEGER brand, we created new interdisciplinary structures that bolster our company’s expertise in design, communication and international markets and distribution channels. Our agency partners also benefit from this long-term strategy, the overall development and the network. For sieger design, SIEGER represents a successful example of strategic brand development and integrated brand management.

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