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Development and design of the cobalt blue decor Wunderkammer for the dinner service MY CHINA!

Since 2005, the premium German brand SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG has represented thin porcelain in exceptional quality. In autumn 2010 the new decor “Wunderkammer” for MY CHINA! has been introduced – a dinner service, which is characterised by a feel for elegant design and conceptual foresight.

The Wunderkammer decor is equivalent to a narrative and “fantastic” travel around the world. Together, the motifs provide a collection of impressions and influences of different continents and eras. The floral, fauna and whimsical motifs tell a thrilling story and paint a wondrous picture. Flowers and butterflies intertwine with geometric symbols such as circles or the SIEGER star.

The name of which was inspired by the museum collections of the late Middle Ages. These cabinets of curiosity fascinated observers with their artefacts, wonders of nature and other objects. The MY CHINA! Wunderkammer dinner service inspires just this type of wonder. Each of the 79 items is designed individually but still integrates itself to the collection harmonically. That is how the decor reveals its accumulative character. “The collection purposely wants to appear like having selected and combined different blue porcelain pieces over years on a flea market,” explains Designer Michael Sieger.

The cobalt blue coloration is a typical manufacture colour, which has been used for a very long time. At least since the blossom time of the Delfter tiles, this special colour signifies a down-to-earth manner to enjoy their meals. The principle of ‘returning to our roots’ is of key importance these days – an age in which people are keen to leave behind a far-reaching period of economic crisis. Furthermore, blue tends to be the German’s favourite colour. It makes objects appear larger and heavier and thus more valuable. Some of the porcelain items additionally have been refined with 24 carat gold. The noble metal is rich of imagery and is associated with light and sun. “Bringing both colours together results in a thrilling contrast between cool, profoundly deep blue and the warm reflective shine of gold,” resumes Michael Sieger.

MY CHINA! Wunderkammer is traditionally handcrafted. The decor as well as the porcelain is fired at 1400°C. As the cobalt blue pigment expands when the ceramics are fired and the decorative design is sealed in by the glazing, the finished product is a rich interplay of contours and bold colours. The entire range encompasses plates, bowls, cups, mugs, cloches, a milk jug and additional tableware. And the decor is as multifaceted as the dinner service itself. Each item in the set is highly versatile thanks to dimensions of MY CHINA! that are perfectly in tune with one another. In addition to Wunderkammer, the dinner service encompasses the Emperor’s Garden and the Treasure decor, available with fine gold or platinum rim, or in the understated White series.

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