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Heroes at work

We have heroes working for us on a whole host of different missions. Our team includes a mix of talented youngsters and seasoned veterans, some of who have been with us for over 20 years, who pool together expertise from a variety of disciplines in order to come up with solutions.

Kai-Uwe Brandt – Senior Designer

Anne-Marie Bayer – Junior Art Director

Malika Akremi – Webdesignerin & Mediengestalterin

Johannes Preun – Junior Designer

Interested in getting to know us better and contributing your talents to our team? Then we’d love to hear from you:

Jobs at sieger design
Internship at sieger design
About the agency

Standing up for bees

The Earthwatch Institute recently declared bees to be the most invaluable species on the planet: they pollinate crop plants, secure the human food supply and contribute to biodiversity. But in recent years, there has been a drastic decline in the global bee population.

Bee part of it, too

To do our small bit to counteract the decline, in summer 2018 we gave two colonies a new home. In return, we receive the gift of “Schloss Gold” –so far we’ve had two honey harvests, which have gone down a treat with our business partners too. To ensure our bees are looked after professionally all year round, we work with the company Bee Future.


Bees work for us

Bees are irreplaceable – and really hard-working. A few facts and figures:

  • 75% of global agriculture is dependent on bees to pollinate fruit, vegetables or nuts.
  • Bees have existed for over 100 million years.
  • Each colony has three types of bees, which differ in size: one queen, hundreds of drones and around 60,000 workers.
  • Honey bees search for food in a 3 to 4 km radius around their hive; in human terms, that’s equivalent to travelling around 2,500 km to find food.
  • A bee leaves the hive around ten times per day, and visits 250 to 300 flowers.
  • To produce 500g of honey, bees have to fly to between two and five million flowers, covering a distance of some 150,000km; for a single bee, that’d be equivalent to flying round the globe three times.
  • Each year, a bee colony flies a cumulative total of up to 36 million km, which is 900 times the circumference of the earth.
  • Bees flap their wings an average of 11,400 times per minute (190 times a second) and fly at speeds ranging from 20 to 30 km/h.

Climate-neutral working

As part of our sustainability strategy, we’re also offsetting our CO2 emissions with climate certificates, which help to support hydropower projects in Mali, Guatemala and Brazil.

Smart at the Start

Dynamic and innovative – our two smart team members!

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