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A Sip of Gold

The Sip of Gold champagne goblets have become one of SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG’s bestselling collections

Between ancient and modern – inspired by a classic silver goblet, Michael Sieger developed the Sip of Gold champagne tumblers as a contemporary reinterpretation in porcelain and precious metal. Since the collection launched, it has regularly been expanded with new decors – most recently in 2019, with the hand-decorated Drips & Drops tumblers.

The Sip of Gold collection, now with a total of 26 different models, is one of the most successful in the SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG portfolio. The collection’s unique product concept, with its surprising combination of materials, deliberately defies expectations and the custom of drinking champagne from stemmed glasses. To achieve a sense of lightness, sieger design focused on creating ultra-thin porcelain walls and harmoniously balanced gold plating on the interior and outer rim. When the tumblers are filled with champagne, the precious metal produces hundreds of reflections and creates the impression of liquid gold that gives the collection its name. The tumblers, with a wall thickness of around two millimetres, are made by hand in the Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG studios. This process involves many stages of work, including four firings and individual spraying of the precious metal.

In 2019, sieger design extended the Sip of Gold collection with two new tumblers, Drips & Drops. The cobalt-blue decors are applied by hand with great finesse, with drops big and small creating unique patterns on the white porcelain.“They express the yearning for unique objects and tangible craftsmanship,” explains Michael Sieger.

Then, in 2018, The Sparkling 4 was released, a series of four superhero-themed tumblers with a distinctive new design aesthetic. The series was intended to raise money for a good cause, so sieger design looked for the ideal partner. It ultimately selected the Netzwerk für Demokratie und Courage (Network for Democracy and Courage), an organisation in which young people work to tackle discrimination such as everyday racism and build a democratic culture. To kick off the partnership, SIEGER donated all proceeds from the sales of the tumblers for the first year.

As part of the international brand and product strategy, the various Sip of Gold tumblers are being used in five-star hotels and restaurants, as well as in partnership with drinks manufacturers. The sieger design team also has a highly successful partnership with international barkeepers to produce content for social media marketing.

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