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Sculptural poetry

The vases in the Luna collection feature clear, sculptural forms.

For the premium brand SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG, sieger design created three vases that combine formal rigour with poetic sensuousness. A clear design with tapering lines gives each model a sculptural character. The collection debuted in 2015, with new decors added in 2019.

Michael Sieger’s design for the Luna collection was inspired by the shape of a space capsule. The tapering lines give the handcrafted porcelain vases the look of sculptures. As well as plain white vases, sieger design developed a high-contrast black and white decor refined with 24-carat gold. People already familiar with SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG will recognise a pattern from the dinner service MY CHINA! Ca’ d’Oro, which combines perfectly with the vases.

Thanks to the success of the collection, in 2019 sieger design added new models in colourful decors. With Asian-inspired designs, geometric figures and star patterns, the vases Paradise, Supernova and Wonderland likewise make reference to some of the brand’s existing collections. Plain backgrounds underscore the individual character of each of these models, which produce an eclectic style mix when grouped together. For the Drops decor, a different approach is taken: cobalt-blue drops are applied to the geometrically shaped porcelain body with great finesse, creating new, lively patterns each and every time. “It makes each vase’s unique character, individual story and exceptional craftsmanship vividly palpable,” explains Michael Sieger.

The sieger design team is responsible for SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG’s brand strategy, design, communications and public relations.

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