Individual spatial concepts with character

Beauty and pragmatism – we create made-to-measure architecture that meets more than just rational necessity and makes corporate identity accessible. This helps us design places that people can truly connect with.

“Architecture” is derived from the Greek words arché, meaning origin, foundation or “the first”, and techné, which translates as art or skill. And it was by using this “original art” or “original skill” that sieger design laid its corporate foundations over 50 years ago. Since then, our tailored solutions have been as diverse as the tasks we face – from sparse, functional administrative buildings and prestigious trade fair stands through to theatrical decoration of eventful locations and revamps of restaurants, doctors’ surgeries and patients’ rooms. And we always ensure we stay on track when it comes to budgets and deadlines.

Architecture | sieger design

Personal Sensory Spaces

Trade fair | Ritzenhoff

Modern metamorphosis

Design | sieger design

SSPS® Apartment

Design | sieger design

SSPS® Suite

Design | sieger design

Small Size Premium Spa

Architecture | Restaurant am Aasee

Interiors à la carte

Architecture | Blome

Curtain up!

Architecture | sieger design

My Private Heaven

Architecture | Nanjing Road

A vision for Shanghai