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My Private Heaven

The bathroom of the future – the (r)evolutionary perspective of a designer at the turn of the century

In recent years, designers have been rather preoccupied with bathroom furnishings. Be it the form and function of fittings, washstands and other pieces, it was a question of optimisation and getting away from the image of the bathroom as a functional room. And this did indeed come to fruition: now there is a desire to personalise this private domain. In 2004, Private Heaven is Michael Sieger’s personal account of the progressive opening up of the bathroom.

Homeliness, comfort and peace of mind – or perhaps the complete opposite: liveliness, communication and taking time out for your family or significant other. In his account, Michael Sieger delves into the origins of public bathing in order to redefine the domestic bathroom. After all, our needs now exceed the limitations of pure functionality in terms of washing and grooming. We want to be moved, see our ideas become a reality, make use of this precious time to ourselves, and not just continue to accept conventional ways of doing things. Every great culture utilised public baths to set the tone for that which we so desperately crave at home – a holistic living space that’s nothing short of an experience.

Michael Sieger’s conceptual study breaks down the barriers between the lounge, bedroom and bathroom and transforms all of these areas into a new architectural paradigm replete with state-of-the-art functions and features. If you consider that the central points of a home are the sources of fire and water, his vision makes perfect sense: in the same way that the kitchen and lounge have merged into a single unit, Michael Sieger combines the bathroom and bedroom to create one large living space – complete with individual comforts.

The modified floor plan opens up a world of possibilities, where intimacy and communication are consciously sought or avoided. There’s time for contemplation as well as for health and beauty and spa sessions, which can now all be found in the private domain. Private Heaven is a world where anything is possible – anything that makes life worth living. Architectural conventions are no longer put before individual requirements; instead, the latter play a far greater role in shaping people’s living spaces and lifestyles. This includes the arrangement of washbasins, showers/saunas, bathtubs, WCs/bidets, beds, multimedia equipment and walk-in wardrobes.

Private Heaven is Michael Sieger’s vision of a better quality of life and modern conveniences. Moreover, this is a manufacturer-neutral design that boasts great development potential for a new kind of living. sieger design firmly believes that the expansion of the bathroom will be virtually as sustainable as the opening up of the kitchen into a combined eating and living space. Private Heaven was produced in 2004 together with 24 big-name manufacturers of sanitation products and furniture in an exhibition area measuring nearly 75 square metres at the Casa photography studio in Münster. A thank-you goes out to our main sponsors Deckelmann Wellness, Dornbracht and Duravit, as well as project partners pro-ambiente/Omexco, Bisazza, Elvo-Cordima, Gira, Masterflame, Mosa, Parador, RSL, Sharp, Schell, Treca and Casa photography studio.

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