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SSPS® Suite

Thanks to the further development of the SSPS® concept, personal spa treatments in hotel rooms and suites are possible at all times

With the Small Size Premium Spa, or SSPS® for short, sieger design has created a solution for private bathrooms which brings together numerous usage possibilities in the smallest of space (6sqm). The SSPS® Suite, which was launched in 2017, is a slightly larger (8sqm) version that satisfies the growing demands for comfort, particularly in premium hotels. The spa functions are directly located inside individual rooms, enabling guests to enjoy health-promoting treatments at any time of the day.

Hotel managers have to be innovative and offer their guests a qualified ambience. The open-room concept of SSPS® Suite creates a living space which can be filled with personal treasures. Clothing and items have a home in the open wardrobe, the shelves or cabinets and are immediately within sight to create an atmosphere of privacy. The guest can find additional relaxation directly in the room, in an own Small Size Premium Spa. It brings together numerous treatment possibilities in the smallest of space and can be closed off via an optional sliding door.

The smart room structure of the SSPS® Suite concept guarantees several guests individual freedom for their time together, but also privacy. To ensure the toilet can be used at the same time as the bathroom, both have been designed as separate architectural units and the toilet can be closed on two sides. For a harmonious room space, the dry zone with the double washbasin is separated from the generously designed wet zone by a sliding glass door. Integrated rain panels, health-promoting shower treatments or a steam bath turn the hotel room into a valuable space for personal peace and comfort. Additionally, pre-programmed scenarios combining light, fragrance and sound create an emotional room experience.

The SSPS® concept can be adapted not just for hotels, but also for individual private apartments or even yachts. Functions, materials, finishes and colours can be selected according to individual needs and stylistic preferences. Products from Aliseo and Dornbracht, amongst others, were used for the visualisation of the SSPS® Suite concept.

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