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At home in the hotel suite

The concept of the compact Nestwell spa suite ‘Re-Charge’ is setting new standards for relaxing, health-enhancing stays at premium hotels

London-based consultancy Nestwell Hospitality has put together twelve principles for a new approach to hospitality. In 2021, sieger design incorporated these guidelines to develop the Nestwell spa suite ‘Re-Charge’, which facilitates a higher standard of living when travelling. The carefully considered, creatively coordinated design brings together key trends from sustainability, health maintenance and relaxation. The centrepiece is the bathroom, which makes the regenerative power of water a therapeutic experience.

The name ‘Re-Charge’ should be taken literally: the concept behind the room and furnishings aims to help hotel guests recharge their batteries during their stay. The bathroom area – where sieger design has been implementing trendsetting solutions for around forty years – is the central theme of the 60 to 80 sq. m Nestwell spa suite. It is based on the architectural study SSPS® and offers everything you would expect of a health-enhancing premium spa. The bathroom, which opens onto the sleeping area, offers a dry and wet zone with a high level of design and functional quality in a compact space. The zones are separated from one another with a glass wall. Instead of a bathtub, there is a horizontal shower. This saves space and turns the primal power of flowing water into a relaxing experience. The guest can enjoy a range of water delivery options while lying or sitting comfortably on a heated bench, as well as making use of various spa functions, thus facilitating complete relaxation.

To complement the regenerative effect of the spa area, a large mirror is integrated into a wall element in the middle of the suite and, among other things, serves as a screen for fitness videos. In front of this, there is enough space for a yoga mat and physical training.

Additional comfort comes in the form of a kitchen unit with water dispenser for filtered drinking water and equipment for preparing tea or small meals. The sleeping area and bathroom in the spa suite are separated by sliding partitions. Business travellers are therefore able to enjoy their breakfast with guests in a neutral area. From here, the separate WC can be accessed freely – without a view of the bed or bathroom.

A key component of the ‘Re-Charge’ concept is the lighting with circadian light, which follows daytime rhythms and has a positive impact on health and well-being. The LED light can be conveniently operated on both sides of the double bed and can be adjusted so as not to disrupt a partner’s sleep. High-quality doors and walls with good soundproofing protect against external noise, thus promoting soothing calm.

Clean, oxygen-rich air generated by an efficient air filtration system increases the quality of the stay. Depending on the location and time of year, underfloor heating or a high-performance cooling system ensure a pleasant ambient temperature, and humidity is also regulated. The wooden floor is warm underfoot. It is high quality and sustainable, just like all the natural materials used in the suite – right down to the textiles. The wood-panelled walls lend the room a positive atmosphere characterised by freshness, naturalness and security. Furthermore, the study also includes additional aspects of biophilic design, such as a living wall with real plants.

The concept behind the Nestwell spa suite should be seen as a pioneering framework that can be developed further alongside customers, for example by incorporating a terrace or using local materials like cork or natural stone.

‘I want to see the same quality I have at home in the hotel,’ says Christian Sieger. ‘In my experience, there were no hotel rooms that met my demands for comfort and furnishing. With the Nestwell spa suite, we want to bridge this gap and make the stay as pleasant, inspiring and relaxing as possible for business travellers.’

You can find additional information on Nestwell Hospitality and an overview of the twelve principles here:

Microsite of the SSPS® architectural study:

For the visualisations we chose products from, among others, Alape, Dornbracht, Duravit, SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG and SIEGER by Ichendorf.