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The Next 25 Years

sieger design has developed and implemented a comprehensive brand strategy for Ritzenhoff’s multifaceted relaunch

In 2017, one of the world’s most successful design projects is being given a contemporary update. 25 years after the Ritzenhoff brand was launched, sieger design has coordinated and developed a long-term relaunch. Just like in 1992, the agency team has created not just new product designs but also a comprehensive brand strategy including design management and extensive communication measures – corporate design, image brochures, press materials, trade fair stand architecture and POS concept.

A success story starting again
In the early 1990s, Ritzenhoff’s milk glass design provided the brand’s breakthrough moment. It is now a cult object and an important piece of contemporary history. In August 1992, 15 models were produced. In October, the collection was launched with 20 decors. By the end of the year, over 70,000 glasses had been sold. Since the collection was not intended to bear the signature of just one designer, leading creatives from around the world were invited to develop individual decors. Michael Sieger himself produced the first decor, a black and white cow pattern. He was followed by lots of big names, such as Alessandro Mendini and James Rizzi. These one-of-a-kind works inspired the start of the global trend for everyday designer objects. For the first time, the general public could acquire designer objects and learn more about the creative minds behind them thanks to accompanying communication materials and activities. The milk glasses, around five million of which have been sold to date, became coveted collectors’ items.

Marketing: N25Y – fresh life and fresh direction for the brand
For 13 years, until 2005, sieger design worked with and for Ritzenhoff to conceptualise and manage the continuous development and expansion of the brand. For the 25th anniversary in 2017, the brand is being revitalised conceptually and aesthetically with a long-term relaunch. The fundamental idea remains the same: high-calibre designers contribute individual decors. However, the brand and product strategy (product design, packaging and overall corporate design) have been reconceived by sieger design in keeping with contemporary trends. The collection’s conceptual focus and premium character are made clear in the different service categories:

Design and Design Management: four glass series for milk, beer, gin and champus
Just like 25 years ago, it all starts with the milk glass, and is rounded off with glasses for beer, gin and champus. The high-quality collection allows several all-time-classic drinks to be served in a contemporary fashion. In order to emphasise the idea, sieger design developed four minimalist, archetypal glass designs and invited a host of leading international creatives to come up with decors for them. The decors, some humorous and ironic, some purely aesthetic and geometric, are as diverse as the creatives that sieger design brought on board for this unique design project. A total of 29 designers from 11 countries participated, including product designers such as Naoto Fukasawa, architects such as Patricia Urquiola, interior designers such as Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, illustrators and graphic design studios such as Pentagram and designers/artists such as Arik Levy.

You can find more information about the design management here:
> Design Management | High-calibre creativity

Communication: corporate design, print, packaging and POS concept
sieger design developed every aspect of the new corporate design, including subtly refining the logo, conducting stylish photo shoots and creating an attractive POS system to display the Ritzenhoff brand and N25Y collection in an exciting, comprehensible and emotional way. As well as high-quality print documents such as image brochures, the team also drafted the new online presence and provided crucial creative impetus for its implementation. A central aspect of the new corporate design is the contemporary product packaging. For each glass, sieger design developed a high-quality minimalist sleeve that perfectly matches the N25Y collection’s premium character. The agency team also developed a system of flexible elements so the products can be showcased at the POS. The systems were configured into three packages. Modules can be constantly rearranged on a large wall display to create different surfaces for the four glass series.

Architecture: trade fair stand-in-stand architecture
For the premiere at Ambiente 2017 in Frankfurt, sieger design developed a prestigious trade fair stand-in-stand system that once again demonstrates how closely interwoven product design, communication and architecture are. In order to deliberately stand out from other stands with white-based colour schemes and in keeping with the defined corporate design, a black, cuboid structure was created. The brand presentation and experience are characterised by a variety of core elements – for example, the new glass series are displayed on four well-lit plinths in the centre of the stand. The wall of fame prominently presents all the designers, while media walls provide additional background information. There are also full-wall displays focusing on product packaging.

Public Relations: press materials
In order to enable a significant media presence at the time of market launch and beyond, comprehensive press documents were produced for the N25Y design project. High-quality images and modular texts describing product benefits are perfectly designed so they can be seamlessly used by editors of trade and consumer media.

A project that once again proves that full service adds up to more than the sum of its parts! To be continued ...

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