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A renaissance for one of the most successful design projects – to mark the relaunch of the Ritzenhoff brand, 29 top creatives contributed designs for the N25Y collection

It’s an unparalleled story of success – in the early 1990s, the brand strategy developed for Ritzenhoff revolutionised an entire industry. The glass products, with decors created by elite international designers, were not only coveted by consumers but also roused the passions of the creatives themselves: the joint project became as competitive as a sports tournament. To mark the brand’s relaunch and 25th anniversary, sieger design once again brought together a network of top designers and coordinated the project as a whole.

Wealth of ideas
Going back to the roots while looking ahead to the future – the story that began 25 years ago with the design for a milk glass has now been given a contemporary update. In spring 2017, Ritzenhoff is presenting four new glass designs developed by sieger design at Ambiente in Frankfurt. The glasses feature a wide range of decors by leading international creatives.

The agency team single-handedly took responsibility for every aspect of the extensive design management process, and invited prestigious external designers to develop ideas for milk, beer, gin and champus glasses. The aim of the selection and art direction process was to attract big names from different creative sectors, and so ultimately designs were contributed by product designers such as Naoto Fukasawa, architects such as Patricia Urquiola and Carlo Dal Bianco, interior designers such as Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, illustrators such as Hugo Guinness, graphic design studios such as Pentagram and designers/artists such as Arik Levy. In total, there were 29 participants from 11 countries (see list below).

Scope for imagination
In order to acquire designers and provide detailed briefs, sieger design produced high-quality print documents and got the ball rolling on a dedicated N25Y microsite. To preserve a consistent overall image despite the sheer diversity of the collection, the agency team defined a precise colour scheme for the decors for each glass series – for example, pure black for the milk glass series. The archetypal product designs gave the creatives plenty of scope to showcase their ideas. As the intermediary between manufacturer and designers, sieger design synchronised the requirements of everyone involved, centrally managed all creative processes and took responsibility for art direction. The result: the collection is being launched with twelve milk glasses, eight beer glasses, eight gin glasses and eight champus glasses. The decors of the glasses are just as diverse as their creators.

Milk glasses
The new milk glass design from Ritzenhoff is as primordial as milk itself. The cult classic has been given a contemporary update that strips it back to an archaic minimalism, with a conical opening and a slightly flatter shape than its predecessor. In order to preserve the iconic look, the exquisite decors are presented exclusively in pure black. The white of the milk acts as a canvas for the creative ideas that brings the 12 images into sharp relief. For the special edition, sieger design developed a vibrant decor that conveys the positive symbolism of the SIEGER star in colourful fashion.

Beer glasses
Casual and down to earth, honest and genuine – the Ritzenhoff beer glass exudes authenticity. “It is what it is,” says designer Michael Sieger, referring to the glass’s archetypal design. A striking drinking vessel that fits snugly in the hand and is perfect for savouring beer. The typographical and illustrative decors, attention-grabbing and with frequent dashes of humour, feature up to three shades of colour and are embellished with gold nuances.

Gin glasses
Gin is in – and it’s here to stay in modern bars. The new Ritzenhoff glass is a stylish and contemporary choice for classic long drinks or trendy, innovative cocktails. The mirrored chrome looks cool and fresh, and also provides a soothing backdrop for decors ranging from geometric to playful. The black and yellow colour scheme creates a direct association with gin’s constant companion, tonic water. The pure, conical design guarantees stability.

Champus glasses
Stylish and extravagant – while the 1990s champus glass might have been seen as avant-garde, the new design is far more classical. The precisely made hexagonal base is inspired by elegant cut-crystal glasses. The first eight decors, in pure black, ornate gold and platinum, are a perfect stylistic match for the sparkling beverage. A characteristic look that once again underscores Ritzenhoff’s premium character.

The glasses are made in Germany and presented in high-quality packaging (also designed by sieger design).

Copyright: Ritzenhoff, sieger design

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List of designers in alphabetical order
Tina Berning
Pierre Charpin
Saiman Chow
Carlo Dal Bianco
Pauline Deltour
Claus Dorsch
Monica Förster
Naoto Fukasawa
Hugo Guinness
David Cecil Holmes
Peter Horridge
Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance
Arik Levy
Piero Lissoni
Neri & Hu
Justus Oehler/Pentagram
Sonia Pedrazzini
Peter Pichler
Marlies Plank
Gisbert Pöppler
sieger design
Studio Besau-Marguerre
Studio Job
Joan Tarragó
Patricia Urquiola
Mark Andrew Webber

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