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Breaking new ground in bathroom design

In the project 9QM, sieger design has implemented its innovative Small Size Premium Spa architecture concept in partnership with the Cologne-based AGILE BUSINESS CENTER (abc)

In today’s crowded cities, space is increasingly at a premium. Which got sieger design wondering: how can you create a bathroom that offers a maximum of comfort and spa-style luxury in a minimum of space? The answer they came up with was the architectural concept Small Size Premium Spa (SSPS®). In 2021, the SSPS® study was implemented in the pilot project 9QM, a collaboration between sieger design and the Cologne-based AGILE BUSINESS CENTER (abc). The compact 9QM module includes a bathroom and kitchenette, and is intended to bring something new and dynamic to the market. Project developers and architects can inspect the premium quality of the bathroom and its fittings for themselves in the showroom in abc’s Green Lab Cube. As a ready-made unit, the 9QM module can be slotted directly into any property development project.

The SSPS® concept from sieger design draws on around four decades’ experience in trendsetting bathroom design. In an area of just six square metres, SSPS® offers a fully equipped bathroom that includes both basic functions and spa/wellness options. It can be customised with a variety of fittingsand styles.

In 2021, the innovative architectural concept was implemented in the project 9QM. 9QM was commissioned by Christoph Böther-Schultze, CEO of digital transformation specialist abc, and constructed at the company’s business centre in Bergisch Gladbach, near Cologne. It’s housed in the Green Lab Cube, a single-storey building that offers 144 sqm of versatile space for product presentations, media productions, meetings, training and events. This space is divided into a grid of 3 × 3 metre squares.

Based on the room-in-a-room principle, the 9QM module is positioned in a corner of the Green Lab Cube grid, where it provides a prestigious, fully functioning showroom. Around nine square metres of floor space was enough to build a combined bathroom, spa and kitchenette in accordance with the SSPS® concept. The bathroom, which takes up just six metres of floor space and extends to a height of 2.7 metres, was built using ready-made WEDI modules. These modules are pre-fitted with all the necessary parts for electrical and plumbing fixtures, allowing them to be installed quickly and precisely at a building site.

Inside the module, a ceiling-height glass partition divides the washstand area, with bespoke built-in units and toilet, from the luxuriously equipped spa area, where you can recharge, recuperate and feel absolutely at ease. A heated bench provides a comfortable place to sit while you shower or enjoy relaxing water treatments for the feet and legs. Soothing treatments under the rain shower and in the bathtub help to revitalise body, mind and soul. Natural light from above adds to the feeling of spaciousness. In the shower area, LED strips along the edges of the floor and ceiling provide atmospheric coloured lighting. You can configure the lighting yourself or choose from one of the preprogrammed scenarios. The 9QM module’s ceiling is integrated with the business centre’s skylights, allowing daylight to pour in from above.

Christoph Böther-Schultze, CEO of abc, learned about the architectural concept from the SSPS® microsite. He chose a classically modern “Chanel look” for the 9QM pilot project, with white ceramic tiles that crisply contrast with fixtures, finishes and fittings in black or dark shades. The bathtub, where you can enjoy rejuvenating spa treatments while lying down, delivers maximum comfort in minimum space. “It’s amazing how large and comfortable a bathroom with a floor area of just six square metres can feel,” says Christoph. “9QM integrates a spa and kitchenette into the smallest possible space. ‘QM’ is an abbreviation for ‘quality modules’, which can be used to create a variety of layouts in a grid from 9QM to 24QM. Working with sieger design and other implementation partners, we are able to offer construction clients and project developers luxury, quality and design with unprecedented precision, thanks to these ready-made modules.”

Implementation partners involved in the pilot project:
Alape GmbH – washstand
Bette GmbH & Co. KG – bathtub
Dornbracht AG & Co. KG – taps and shower fittings
Duravit AG – toilet
fesk Tischlerei GmbH – woodwork
Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG – light control
GranitiFiandre S.p.A. – wall and floor coverings
Miele & Cie. KG – kitchen appliances
MWE Edelstahlmanufaktur GmbH – shower partition
One A A/S – recessed ceiling lights
wedi GmbH – wall construction

Microsite for the architectural study SSPS®:

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