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The executive beverage cooler from APS is both well-shaped and multifunctional

Mineral water, soft drinks and juice are great for serving at meetings in small and practical bottles. And to display these on your table in the appropriate fashion instead of simply placing them there, sieger design has developed the new executive beverage cooler for APS. Following the success of the FRAMES buffet range one year before, this constitutes an additional stage of the partnership with the Sundern-based company in 2012.

Design is the means whereby communication is established, and the culture and image of a product, collection or company are conveyed. As the significance of prestige at a meeting or when making direct contact with the client is not to be underestimated, the executive beverage cooler has been designed in a highly aesthetic manner. This is primarily as a result of the clear lines and pure design which stand out from many of the numerous over-elaborate models currently on the market.

The cooler was developed specifically for use on conference tables and can hold up to six standard 250ml to 500ml bottles. Arranged at a slight incline, the beverages face the attendees and can easily be removed from the cooler. The glossy synthetic exterior comes in a choice of black or white, and the elegant polished stainless steel cover lends the product an appealing look. Alongside the visual aspects, practical considerations also formed a crucial part of the design stage. For this reason, the executive beverage cooler features a high-performance ice pack in its centre, as well as further accessories including a stainless steel bottle opener and a collecting tray in the middle to deposit all the caps. A particularly practical feature is the way in which the individual parts can be stacked and popped into the dishwasher.

Throughout the design process, the team was especially careful not to exceed the budget for production costs. The executive beverage cooler had to be appealingly and competitively priced, and the end product boasts a clear and coherent design – the hallmark of the agency.

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