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Setting a culinary scene

sieger design devises the FRAMES multifunctional buffet range for APS

Functional, versatile and stylish, this buffet range from 2011 not only breaks the mould, but redefines it. With its clear and systematic concept, FRAMES both fulfils all the many requirements of modern catering and provides a setting in which every dish is sure to look as pretty as a picture. The minimalist design and modular construction make this APS buffet range a highly versatile solution for use in hotels and restaurants.

Catering professionals love serving up miniature masterpieces – after all, how food looks makes a significant contribution towards its appeal and how much we enjoy eating it. The aim of this product development for APS was therefore to create a buffet range that showcases delicious food in a way that is both clear and attractive. The name sums up the result perfectly: each dish is framed like a painting. Food can also be intuitively arranged, be it in groups – such as “bread and bread rolls”, “cheeses and cold meats” or “fruit and muesli” – or as a series of individual dishes. The classic minimalist contours of FRAMES underscore its clear and logical structure, with an understated design that ensures that it is the food itself that takes centre stage.

Aside from the basic elements, the buffet range comprises items such as stainless steel platters, trays, buffet stands and baskets. These multifunctional product elements are all based on a modular design principle, with the result that a base, for instance, can be transformed into a cool plate, a chopping board or a bowl holder simply by adding the appropriate cover panel. The various modules can either be mixed and matched or used individually. In order to keep the range highly systematic, the design team has been careful to ensure that there is still plenty of scope for individual creativity in displaying dishes. Various sizes of buffet can be set up without impacting on the overall visual style. Inspired by fruit and vegetable market stalls, sieger design has also made the range stackable. Even when stacked, the elements’ shadow gaps remain accessible, making them easier to grip. Designed with ergonomics in mind, the range is as easy for catering professionals to use as it is intuitive for diners finding their way around the buffet.

The high-quality materials used, such as stainless steel and light and dark woods, allow the creation of richly varied arrangements and are each suited to different types of food. FRAMES represents a multifunctional buffet for professional applications such as hotels and restaurants. All the elements are based on Gastronorm standard dimensions, making them universally compatible.

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