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The Trilux Acuro provides glare-free illumination – with the Active LED version also adapting to the human biorhythm

White tiles and reflective surfaces can easily make light in the bathroom seem dazzling. The new Acuro lighting range has a fine-grained diffuser to provide an agreeably harmonious and even light. One of the three models available even adjusts itself automatically to the human body clock. The new range, unveiled by Trilux in September 2011, features crisp linear contours and an understated visual style developed by sieger design.

Exceptional design that’s available to everyone – when sieger design set about developing a new mirror wall light for Trilux in the summer of 2010, the designers envisaged creating a simple yet elegant model at an affordable price. A year later, the Acuro was unveiled. The team designed a sophisticated casing with highly understated joins and featuring minimalist contours that render it both contemporary and timeless. Behind its slimline exterior, the Acuro range conceals advanced technology, the precise details of which vary from one model to another. Thus the base model is equipped with a T5 fluorescent tube and the technology in the energy-efficient Acuro LED ensures even light distribution throughout the unit.

Particularly noteworthy is the Acuro Active LED, which draws on scientific findings relating to the effects of light on the human organism. Light has a demonstrable effect on our personal well-being – the body’s circadian rhythm is regulated by the hormone melatonin, production of which is influenced by light levels. Although bluish white light makes us feel more awake in the mornings, it can be extremely unpleasant in the evening. With the Acuro Active LED, Trilux has developed a lighting solution that adapts to this natural rhythm by intelligently blending different colour temperatures. A preprogrammed timer to control the light colour regulates the output’s spectral composition according to the time of day by mixing light sources to create colour temperatures ranging from 3,000 kelvin (warm white) to 6,500 kelvin (daylight white).

The mirror wall light is resistant to water and humidity, and as such is suitable for installation anywhere in the bathroom. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically to suit the design of the mirror. The flexible installation procedure and simple cable routing make furnishing bathrooms in large buildings easy for both planners and architects. Furthermore, the intuitive base model is equally versatile and suitable for end consumers. A significant new development is the product’s superior IP44 protection rating, meaning it meets all the requirements for use in installation zone 2. Particularly when deployed as a bathroom lighting solution in health care settings, it not only covers all issues of practicality, but also enhances the appearance of the bathroom through its sophisticated, minimalist design.

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