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Circles of light

Light and lightness – the new Polaron IQ lighting range from Trilux

The circle is seen as the epitome of perfect order, harmony and balance. It stands for infinity and the cosmos. Back in 2006, a light was developed that harnessed precisely this geometric form, Polaron. 2014 saw the launch of Polaron IQ – a refined version that comes with state-of-the-art LED technology. With its design pared down to a filigree ring, it not only radiates lightness but can be seamlessly integrated into any kind of architectural setting.

Light can make a particular impression, provide guidance and thus lend structure to space. Depending on its intensity and colour, it produces either a calming or an invigorating effect. Nonetheless, the result can be discomforting if the dose is wrong. For Polaron IQ by Trilux, the design focus was on lightness, functionality and, last but not least, emotionality.

Pioneering LED technology makes it possible to design ever-more filigree lights and to increase luminous efficacy whilst reducing volume. With this in mind, the design team developed a sustainable product system and created two slim, ring-shaped light profiles that were then combined, both individually and as a pair, to create a comprehensive lighting range. Thanks to the modular nature of the system, numerous variations are possible and, depending on the room’s requirements or the area of application, a different ambient mood can be created each time. In order to emphasise the range’s lightness, two new Polaron IQ prototypes were developed: a mounted light with a fixture on one side that lets the light profile float beautifully against the wall or ceiling, and a pendant light that is supplied with electricity via a hanging filigree wire – removing the need for additional cables that would mar the overall visual effect.

Depending on the model in question, light shines either directly or indirectly. With the indirect version, the interplay between light and shade takes centre stage. The covered front section accentuates this contrast whilst emphasising the gentle shape of the light as it shines on the wall or ceiling – thus creating an atmospheric mood. The latter version shines on three sides and combines light emanating directly from the front section with a side beam, resulting in invigorating lighting that shines straight into the room.

Polaron – Inspired by the Pantheon

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