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Happy D.2 Plus, developed by sieger design, is a contemporary addition to Duravit’s bathroom collection, which has enjoyed great success for over 20 years

Two decades ago, Happy D. defined a whole new category of bathroom products, and it has been one of Duravit’s most successful collections ever since. A new edition, Happy D.2 Plus, was launched in 2019 that reinterprets the essence of the established collection with a refined new version of its archetypal washbasin. In 2020, the collection is being expanded again with the new c-bonded and c-shaped washstands, as well as metal consoles and furniture elements.

A strategic update of a successful design: with Happy D.2 Plus, Duravit and sieger design have attained new heights of precision. The selection of versatile new products gives a modern reinterpretation of the clear, archetypal forms of the classic bathroom line, launched in 1999 and revamped in 2013. “Today, even greater precision is possible thanks to innovative production techniques,” explains Michael Sieger. sieger design has harnessed these possibilities to create four new countertop basins that retain the distinctive rim of the successful Happy D. design, but with far finer, more precise lines. “The essence of the Happy D. aesthetic remains intact, and you can still see a clear family resemblance,” says Michael Sieger.

For the worktop basins, sieger design designed new handleless units with uniformly horizontal joints for a modern, minimalist look. The precise lines of the Happy D.2 Plus washstand base units and tall cabinets are typified by appealingly soft, rounded corners. “The furniture brings elegance to the bathroom and exudes an air that is refined yet homely,” says Christian Sieger. A further addition to the series is two mirrors with solitaire character and integrated, technically innovative lighting functions. These mirrors are compatible not just with products from the Happy D. series, but can also be used in other styles such as eclectic decors.

The c-shaped washstand (released in 2020) is constructed from DuraCeram® and sports a striking, refined design. It utilises Duravit’s c-shaped technology, an upgraded version of the c-bonded process that guarantees an exact parallel shaping of ceramic basin and furniture without any protrusion or recess. Duravit and sieger design are also expanding the collection with a floor-standing metal console. Streamlined in form, the console is available in the standard chrome as well as matt black. Shelving and drawer units can be integrated for more storage. A seat with comfortable cushion can also be added on the left or right.

A selection of finishes makes it possible to create individual combinations of furniture, console top and ceramics. A total of 11 finishes were created for the Happy D.2 Plus furniture units, while the basins, toilets and bidets are available in white or matt anthracite. Worktop basins and bathtubs, either free-standing or built-in, also add a touch of high-contrast flair with the new bicolour variant – white on the inside, anthracite on the outside. With this meticulously coordinated selection of finishes and colours, Duravit and sieger design have opened up a whole host of new possibilities for bathroom design.

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