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D takes to the bathroom

Classic proportions and archetypal forms: Happy D. by Duravit

In 1999 sieger design worked on its own initiative to develop the idea for a new ceramic range, which became both a modern archetype and a bestseller. Happy D. drew its inspiration not from any specific predecessor, but rather from individual stylistic elements that have been shaping our vision of sophisticated bathrooms for decades. Since 2004, the range has seen additions in the form of matching furnishings, such as washstands, and accessories.

The ceramic range, originally to be called “The Bath”, went on to become a great commercial success. sieger design developed the new formal language on its own initiative – from the initial sketches right through to the life-sized models of a variety of sanitary objects and matching furnishings. Duravit expressed an interest, reviewed the concept and assessed its market potential before approving the design as it was.

The formal language of Happy D. inspired the “D” in its name. The mid range series was a homage to aspects such as the proportions and designs typical of American bathrooms of the 1930s and 1940s. Opulent dimensions and radii, a focus on horizontal lines, and a characteristic rim design are forms familiar among consumers. When coming up with Happy D., the team took these features and transformed them into a new design with a flat outline, straight lines and symmetrical curves. Practicality was also taken into account; this is reflected in the uncomplicated, easy-to-clean forms, the distinctively wide rim with ample storage space, and the easy-to-position fittings. To coincide with ISH 2003, Duravit expanded its ceramic range with a series of bathtubs and shower trays, which sieger design developed to the same design specifications. The new products exhibit the typical Happy D. rim design with its minimalist dimensions and the large radii that give them their shape. The central drain and symmetrical seating bring to life convenient bathing for two.

In 2004, matching furnishings were produced for Happy D. These pay tribute to the classic contours and large radii inherent in the ceramic range. The extra-large washstands feature metal frames that accentuate their horizontal look and feel. The undercounter units, which follow the formal design, are available in a choice of six finishes and provide the basins with elegant pedestal and semi-pedestal units. Mobile accessories such as tall cabinets, roller cabinets, illuminated shelves and mirror cabinets create even more space for individual convenience – which helps them tie in with the emphasised space-saving proportions.

Happy D. has been well received for many years, with merits such as the Good Design Award (Chicago) and the iF product design award attesting to its high-quality design.

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