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Concept development and design work for the new website of jeweller Oeding-Erdel

Many roads lead to Oeding-Erdel: the search for a mechanical watch made by a master craftsperson, a passion for high-quality jewellery or an interest in the jeweller’s own creations. Showcasing these product domains, each with its own target group, in a grand and emotional manner on the website was the fundamental idea behind the 2015 relaunch completed by sieger design.

The brand image of Oeding-Erdel is defined by the expertise and experience of the team, the desirability of the product portfolio and the personal affinity with customers. These values formed the overarching leitmotif for the design of the new website.

The grand layout unites the diverse range of jewellery and style domains within a clearly structured whole. Clear areas, reminiscent of mosaics, lend the products visual impact and make them highly recognisable. In order to give the emotional images the space they need, the key information is packed into short and succinct texts. The balanced grid supports the young and modern style and the responsive design of the website. Depending on the resolution, the various pieces of the mosaic will be reordered and rearranged. As a particularly large number of consumers in the premium segment use mobile devices, the team attached great importance to precisely arranging the elements so that they are compatible with smartphones and tablets.

The homepage, with its generous overview of products and services, features logically positioned access portals to the various categories. Here, the products are presented in a way that is appropriate to the target group, in keeping with the three-part catalogue system also created by sieger design. In accordance with the current campaign, visitors to the jewellery area of the website are welcomed by emotional images taken by Berlin-based photographer Jana Geberding. Portrayed in a naturally self-confident and casual manner, the model is someone that Oeding-Erdel customers can easily identify with. In a separate menu option, the gents’ watches are accompanied by works of art that change from time to time. At the moment, the products are complemented by the spectacular shots captured by Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov. The photographs of their “On the Roofs” series show urban landscapes from a fascinating perspective and continually accentuate their unique order and structure, thus engaging in an intriguing dialogue with the timepieces. The third and final product domain features the in-house creations of Oeding-Erdel. Photographer Oliver Schwarzwald arranged them to form memorable still-life images.

Various links were forged between the virtual world and the real-life jeweller. For instance, the name of the representative is listed for each product domain with a direct link to their contact details. In the “My Favourites” area, users can bring together their preselected favourite pieces and request more information.

The website is part of a relaunch that began in 2014 and was implemented in full by sieger design. An initial analysis of data traffic and the number of newsletter subscriptions demonstrates that customers already feel at home in the new virtual world of Oeding-Erdel. (German)

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