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For the jeweller Oeding-Erdel, sieger design has created catalogues in a coffee-table format

Oeding-Erdel is one of Germany’s premiere jewellers, renowned both for its expert skill and knowledge concerning watches and for the unique pieces fashioned in its own jewellery studio. sieger design has been working with Oeding-Erdel since 2014, e. g. in creating annual catalogues. For the latest the team once again worked with renowned photographers such as Sarah Illenberger, Jana Gerberding and Hubertus Huvermann.

Being a top-flight jeweller means far more than simply having a large, attractively presented store in a prominent location. The true hallmarks of quality are found behind the scenes: in watchmaking workshops and jewellery studios, for example. To convey Oeding-Erdel’s unique mastery, sieger design uses joined-up, emotionally engaging storytelling.

Despite the growth of digital media, the high-quality catalogues which the company publishes each year remain an important communication medium. “Our catalogues always go down very well with our customers,” according to owner Thomas Oeding-Erdel. The catalogues have a measurable and lasting impact: it’s no accident they’re called “coffee-table books”, because that’s where customers store them for months on end so they can keep on browsing them.

sieger design began work on the relaunch of the Oeding-Erdel brand in spring 2014. The first phase primarily focused on developing distinctive profiles for the company’s three product collections – watches, jewellery and own-brand jewellery produced in the company’s in-house studio – including the introduction of a trio of separate catalogues, one for each collection. In this way, the sieger design communications team was able to convey the full breadth and variety of the jeweller’s expertise.

Three years later, in 2017, the separate editions were merged back into a single catalogue. “Changing things up generates attention, which is good. We also wanted to create a richer experience of the company’s different facets that more closely integrated the faces behind the brand. The result gave the catalogue far more heft (quite literally), making it closer to a coffee-table book or a high-end magazine,” explains Michael Sieger.

In addition to showcasing the full spectrum of Oeding-Erdel’s expertise, the catalogue is also carbon-neutral. All emissions generated during the production of the deluxe coffee-table book, which was printed on uncoated paper, were measured and offset by certified environmental projects.

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