Graceful golden days

Ca' d'Oro – der neue MY CHINA! Dekor von SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG (F/S 2014)

Timeless, minimalist and nonetheless opulent – with Ca’ d’Oro, the finest burnished gold refines pure black and white contrasts. The geometric interplay gives rise to classic stripes, squares, circles and other architectonic patterns.

Gothic architecture inspired Michael Sieger to include the form of the quatrefoil, a decorative element – often found in intricate tracery – that bears an abstract resemblance to a flower.
Ca’ d’Oro, the “golden house” that lends its name to the collection, is the famous palazzo on the banks of the Grand Canal in Venice, this floating city that was once the designer’s second home for a few years and a place to which he still feels attached in many ways. He got married there and it is still home to many of his friends. The new decor is therefore an expression of personal experiences and feelings. “For me, Ca’ d’Oro symbolises precious time and treasured moments spent in the company of family and friends – and enriched by beautiful objects.”

Ca’ d’Oro is dedicated to all those who appreciate precious materials. The delicate band of gold is applied and burnished by hand to each and every one of the 35 pieces, and lends warmth to the otherwise understated decor. Although the plates, bowls, cups and tea accessories harmonise with each other, their patterns form exciting contrasts – especially when flat and tall products are combined. The striped espresso cup, for example, can be placed on a small saucer with a star motif. It goes without saying that the cylindrical and coupe-shaped Ca’ d’Oro pieces can also be combined and showcased with other MY CHINA! decors, in particular Treasure Gold.

The dinner service unites the quality of handmade brand-name dishes with universal functionality. The diameters and dimensions of the individual pieces have been coordinated so that they can be mixed and matched in a host of combinations – and with a wall thickness of just two-and-a-half millimetres. Porcelain manufacturer FÜRSTENBERG handcrafts and decorates the beautifully shaped products with precision and using traditional techniques – quality that can be both seen and felt for a little luxury every day.

Alongside the new MY CHINA! Ca’ d’Oro decor, Michael Sieger also designed two goblets and a hand-tufted rug of the same name.

Find out more: www.sieger-germany.com