Strong presence in the media and the public eye

Public relations help strengthen a company’s image over the long term. We help our partners through our targeted press and public relations work, which visibly positions products and brands without spreading loss.

Depending on genre, periodicity and circulation, the media can reach a vast array of clients and end consumers. Credible and ongoing reporting is therefore crucial in terms of strengthening both a brand’s position and the loyalty it inspires.

Through our press work, we highlight the most valuable aspects of a product, or the company’s core messages, and edit text and images in a way that allows them to appeal to a particular target group upon publication. The contacts we have built up over the years with national and international editors enable us to approach the relevant strategic media – even at short notice. Alongside the classic press conference, we also organise everything from market launches to sales events, with Harkotten Castle often offering itself up as an attractive venue.

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