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Toilet Spa on tour

sieger design creates mobile guest toilets with that superior bathroom feeling

A pleasant environment isn’t just important when it comes to the domestic toilet, but also – or perhaps above all – at major events. For company Senger Gebäudetechnik GmbH, sieger design came up with mobile guest toilets which are outstanding on account of their high-quality furnishing and cutting-edge multimedia technology. The Toilet Spa WC cubicle was showcased for the very first time at the beginning of 2012 and is available for hire for events of all kinds.

Mobile guest toilets don’t have a brilliant reputation given their spatial restrictions and poor ventilation, not to mention how uninviting they appear, perhaps even nasty and cold. In short, it’s a place where no one wants to spend more time than is absolutely necessary. Toilet Spa is a whole new ball game; with its elegant furnishing, lighting that’s just right, and visually and haptically stimulating surfaces, sieger design has engendered a comforting ambience which is every bit as atmospheric as your bathroom at home.

The concept was preceded by intensive market research, briefings with Senger, as well as a detailed analysis of all technical requirements. The expertly divided 6 m x 3 m x 3 m premium toilet trailer affords both gents (one cubicle with wall-mounted toilets, three urinals) and ladies (three cubicles with wall-mounted toilets) lots of space in separate areas. Top-to-toe photo walls with underwater motifs, music, accentuated lighting and fresh flowers help create a friendly atmosphere. Moreover, monitors act as communication media, for instance by showing film clips and product ads, or broadcasting events and event programmes. The washing area complete with large mirror is designed in such a way that each person has sufficient space in which to move around. In order to further enhance this key area’s look and feel, genuine natural stone has been integrated into the design, the bathroom fittings come courtesy of the IMO range from Dornbracht and the ensemble features a special range of rectangular EB undercounter washbasins from Alape.

Such mobile constructions necessitate special standards which must be observed at the planning stage. Besides technical specifications such as drainpipes and vent lines, further features including transportability and high footfall must be taken into account for events. All materials were selected in line with weight restrictions and, furthermore, hard-wearing surfaces mean that the toilets are easy to clean and are commonplace at events. The harmonious and high-quality appearance is designed to avoid users of WC cubicles feeling as though standards have slipped. Senger Gebäudetechnik GmbH, based in Osnabrück, Germany, leases Toilet Spa under the brand "Das Premium Bad mobil" for private and public functions alike, be it for a banquet, wedding, corporate anniversary, product presentation, or for sporting and outdoor events such as showjumping.

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