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The website and video clip for the high-end coaching programme “We Are Beauty” convey the essence of the brand

The high-end coaching network “We Are Beauty” teaches successful individuals the art of mastering life beyond professional success. sieger design created a website for the brand with a short video clip that poetically encapsulates the brand’s essence.

Ivan Tse from Hong Kong is a leading entrepreneur and philanthropist. His coaching programme “We Are Beauty” shows successful individuals the path to personal fulfilment. A network of selected experts help clients to answer unique questions: how can you discover your true, personal desires after you’ve achieved your material goals and reached the top of the career ladder? How can you navigate life in a more positive spirit? How can you enrich your existence in a way that goes beyond professional success?

Ivan already knew sieger design from other projects, and commissioned the agency team to relaunch the website for “We Are Beauty”. The goal was to create a website that makes the brand appealing to the target group and describes the coaching process. But what’s the best way to describe this process, which involves sensitively, expertly guiding a person along the path to their personal life goals? Certainly not by using the hackneyed clichés that have been endlessly regurgitated in the crowded coaching and life consulting market.

The sieger design team condensed the unique concept down to its core in order to focus on the essence of the brand and its image. The simple, clearly structured website gives visitors a sense of the path that “We Are Beauty” takes with its clients. A key role is played by the two-minute video clip, which dispenses with visual clichés and vague descriptions of services. Instead, the core of the “We Are Beauty” brand – trust – is represented using poetic images of a polo player interacting with his horse, or “pony” as polo aficionados would say.

sieger design was given free rein to develop its ideas. The team filmed a richly packed sequence with German polo star Oliver Sommer. Ivan Tse loved it, because it was precisely what he had been looking for: a metaphor for the trusting collaboration between coach and client. “It’s not about the rider or the horse, but the space between them.”

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