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Concealed Dornbracht Touchfree technology allows all washbasin taps to be operated contactlessly

Water-saving and user-friendly – 2017 sees the launch of a new contactless control technology from Dornbracht that can be used with all basin- and wall-mounted taps, including the new Vaia series. The new Touchfree system features a concealed motion sensor that, unlike alternatives, isn’t aesthetically jarring. It gives architects, interior designers and planners optimum flexibility when designing bathrooms.

Especially in semi-public areas such as hotels, restaurants and airports, contactless sensor taps are increasingly being used to improve hygiene standards. In some places, they’re even required by law. Existing solutions feature visibly integrated infrared sensors that detract from taps’ streamlined, harmonious forms – whereas Touchfree offers a far more aesthetically appealing alternative based on high-frequency technology. The Touchfree eSet from Dornbracht is simply installed beneath the washbasin, where it’s concealed from users. The motion sensor is individually configured to a defined range. It automatically switches the water on when someone steps up to the washbasin – and off again when they step away. The length of time that the water keeps flowing is fine-tuned in order to save water and boost sustainability.

Touchfree offers a precise, user-friendly and hygienic solution that does not detract from taps’ harmonious design and so preserves their full aesthetic appeal.

Picture Copyright: Dornbracht
Photographer: Thomas Popinger

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