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Stylistic elements of home decor

Models that range from classic to modern: sieger design creates a selection of multifaceted louvres for Fränkische Rohrwerke

Air is a life force – and its quality is fundamental to our health. Controlled ventilation in residential settings is becoming ever more important, especially in connection with energy-efficient construction. With starline, sieger design has created a collection of individual louvres whose 20 models offer a wide selection of forms and motifs. This range of high-quality stylistic elements includes a market innovation: SHAPE, the first glass louvre, was honoured with the “Best of Best 2016” Iconic Award shortly after it was unveiled in late 2015.

Air quality has been an international talking point for several years. Although the focus has mostly been on the outdoor environment, experts are increasingly turning their attention to healthy indoor air. As modern-day buildings tend to be constructed in as airtight a manner as possible and existing apartments and houses are often renovated to make them energy-efficient, the demand for controlled ventilation is rising. These systems feed in fresh air and expel odours, moisture and ambient air that contains CO2. This doesn’t just safeguard against the build-up of mould and particulate matter, but also promotes well-being in the form of more restful sleep and enhanced powers of concentration.

The systems usually end visibly with the louvre, which tends to be more dowdy than elegant. When Fränkische Rohrwerke, an installation specialist, decided to explore this business segment further, it made sense to partner with sieger design on account of the agency’s long-standing and holistic dedication to living spaces and home decor.

Alongside the technological and functional benefits of the controlled ventilation system, the multifaceted starline collection elevates design louvres to an aesthetically pleasing element of interior architecture. In order to underscore or consciously form a contrast with individual design styles, it is possible to choose from various basic forms, motifs and surface materials. Whether featuring vertical lines, grid points of varying sizes or a decorative pattern that’s reminiscent of delicate foliage, the diverse louvres can be universally integrated into the architectural setting in question, thus allowing plenty of creative freedom, with a choice of materials and colours offering further opportunity to add a personal touch. The stainless steel or powder-coated steel versions are available both in white and an alternative colour, such as anthracite.

The four glass models are characterised by clear lines and a minimalist design. For Fränkische Rohrwerke, the innovative materials translate into a unique selling point in the industry.

Despite the wide selection of forms and materials, all models can be quickly and safely mounted, whether on the wall or on the ceiling. As a magnetic attachment connects the louvre with the frame, it can always be precisely aligned and adjusted by hand. This also enables the louvres to be subsequently replaced and the motifs easily changed.