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The bathroom fittings series CYO for Dornbracht has the potential to influence bathroom architecture and its styling

With its iconographic C spout, the CYO fitting extends Dornbracht’s design range in 2021 with a new sculptural quality. The clear underlying circular shape forms the basis for the progressive series, inspired by a design from 1969. “Interpreted in a contemporary way, CYO appears familiar and yet completely new,” says Michael Sieger. A selection of bi-structured surfaces and a nuanced operating concept offer an exceptionally high degree of design scope for innovative and individual solutions.

“Design is always the answer to people’s needs in their respective age. Today, we appreciate familiarity and the tried-and-tested – but with a contemporary new level of perfection and quality,” explains Michael Sieger. CYO follows this design philosophy: the progressive bathroom fittings series brings an archetypal formal language to the present and future. Just like the Dornbracht 2000 series, which established its own product category in 1969 with its opulent and sophisticated shape, the reinterpreted C spout defines the extravagant contour of the body of the bathroom fitting. A specially developed stream shaper carries the flow of water and creates a pure, sensory way of delivering it.

Its iconographic design lends CYO a strong personality that opens up new decorative styles and is thus able to redefine bathroom architecture – in a forward-looking and cross-cultural way. “With the autonomy and sculptural quality of CYO, I was able to imagine that it would be influential for the design of the bathroom as a whole – and that, unconventionally, the architecture would be developed around the bathroom fitting,” says Michael Sieger.

So as to underscore the characteristic lines and high quality of CYO, sieger design has combined two different surfaces in one fitting body for the first time: a brushed face-on surface and highly polished sides. This bi-structured design in platinum and brass characterises the series just as much as the finely nuanced handle concept that consistently emphasises the underlying circular shape. Operation is carried out via a rotatable outer ring whose fine markings offer the user affirmative haptic feedback. Six special finishes and a multifaceted inlay concept for the handle elements create new possibilities for individualisation. Materials such as natural stone or metal reliefs can be integrated here. “With the installation of the handles, their different finishes and inlays, we can offer a platform for the wishes, ideas and fancies of architects, interior designers and customers that is all but limitless,” says Christian Sieger. Alongside the three-hole fitting, an additional product type in the form of a single-lever mixer extends the series with a further alternative.

Dornbracht and sieger design have been working together for more than 35 years. In this close and enduring partnership, fittings such as Tara, Meta and MEM attest to a special flair for the spirit of a given age and innovative strength in equal measure. And CYO will now join this group of style-defining series and expand the design range in a forward-looking way. “CYO is unmistakable. With its strong personality and self-contained formal language, it clearly has the potential to become another icon in bathroom culture,” explains Michael Sieger.

Picture copyright: Dornbracht
Creative direction: Mike Meiré
Interview video: Dornbracht/sieger design

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