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Spaciousness with storage space

The name says it all: X-Large furniture range from Duravit launched at turn of new millennium

Well-proportioned rooms and clean structures are the building blocks of any interior – and one of the keys to this is design. sieger design was tasked with developing a series of modular bathroom furnishings that was suitable for all and yet easy on the purse strings. And X-Large was the product of the agency’s challenge to harmoniously combine aesthetics and functionality in a way that met these requirements. The range was launched in 2000.

With its elegant proportions and visual simplicity, X-Large has become an important part of the Duravit portfolio. This universally sized furniture range attests to the flair for interior design and architecture with which it was conceived. It bears its larger-than-life name with pride – after all, X-Large boasts a more spacious grid system than many other collections. This wide range encompasses products in a variety of sizes and models – that cover everything from domestic bathrooms to guest cloakrooms.

The principle behind X-Large involves emphasising horizontal lines through the formal language, which runs through its furnishings and accessories. It makes the pieces altogether more spacious; wide drawers highlight the design statement and offer an optimal amount of space in any bathroom. Aside from size variations, an array of finishes and materials also allow for customised combinations – furniture facades made of translucent glass, for example. And details, such as the hinged mirrors on the roller cabinets and the accessories, are in keeping with the design.

Slight modifications to the design concept can have a great effect. In order to update the long-standing collection without investing large sums, X-Large saw additions in the form of finishes, design details and all-new products, which gave it an altogether contemporary look and feel. The new handles are particularly striking, adjusted to underline the horizontal scheme and maximise the sense of spaciousness.

Series not available anymore

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