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The reinterpreted X-Large universal furniture range – new in 2013

Sometimes, even the most subtle changes can make a big difference. The same applies to Duravit’s updated X-Large range, which was originally conceived by sieger design and unveiled in 2000. Subtle yet significant refinements make the range appear more minimalist despite its abundant spaciousness. It takes a step back, comes across as quieter and altogether fresher, and enters 2013 without losing any of its splendour as a diverse furniture range.

Ornate and light, simple and clean – sieger design came up with definitive target traits, since the aim was to reinterpret Duravit's most diverse range. The accentuated horizontal lines and the spacious dimensions of the furnishings were to be retained, but today's changing demands and value perception still had to be met, i.e. the need for a genuine, minimalist design and finer lines. Although you can't fail to notice the reduced style and lightness, the changes made to the range from 2000 are, as is often the case, to be found in the details. The visible front edge contours of the console units in particular, available in an array of widths and depths, appear distinctly more ornate at just 12 mm.

And the other furnishings – washstands, and tall and roller cabinets – seem altogether more elegant yet offer plenty of storage space. The linear shelf, for instance, that's mounted seemingly without any brackets, is just 16 mm thick. Moreover, the breadth of finishes has been revised, and has resulted in the introduction of new designs in the form of the new natural walnut and white matt options. Mirrors or mirror cabinets, as well as a new kind of LED technology and an optimal sound system, round off the range.

The X-Large range has not lost any of its flexibility or compatibility. The plethora of individual solutions also guarantees the breadth of the range, whose name could not be more fitting. The series encompasses a total of 112 models with a choice of eight finishes. Over the past few years, Duravit and sieger design have adapted the range with the addition of further furnishings and features, but it wasn't until its revamp in 2013 that X-Large was given a perceptibly new shape and a whole new look.

Series not available anymore

ISH innovations magazine 2013 (PDF)