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Hygiene stations and kits for the new brand provide safety, service and peace of mind

There’s never been as much focus on hygiene as in 2020. The number one priority is to prevent infection and keep people healthy, productive and positive. For – the new brand from conmoto founder Johannes Wagner – sieger design has created two elegant, ingenious and attractively designed hygiene stations. A table sets and hygiene kits round off the range, which is aimed at both companies and non-commercial organisations.

In all settings where people come into close contact, they need to protect themselves and others. Whether in offices, showrooms, public facilities, logistics and service centres, restaurants or bars, it’s important to have protective measures that make employees, customers and visitors feel safe and at ease.

Station 2 and Station 3
Shortly after the brand launched in April 2020, Johannes Wagner asked sieger design to develop a new designer hygiene station. Less than four weeks later, it was ready: Station 2 is an ingeniously designed solution that combines stylish aesthetics with practical utility. It is clearly and intuitively structured for maximum functionality, with a slender, minimalist design that blends harmoniously into any setting. The design team wanted the station to make an appealing impression while also being very simple to use. The modular hygiene station features a non-touch dispenser for hand sanitiser or liquid soap and compartments for face masks, disposable gloves, disinfectant wipes, tissues or moisturiser. Self-explanatory pictograms provide guidance. The top panel can be used as a mirror or to display welcome messages or brand communications. A bin for disposing of used hygiene products is integrated into the station.

As an even more minimalist alternative to Station 2, sieger design also created the streamlined Station 3, which has been reduced to the essential function of hand hygiene. Compact wall-mounted and tabletop versions of both stations are also available in case space is in short supply. The stations can be customised with company logos or other bespoke designs.

Station 4
Today’s hygiene requirements mean that new solutions are also needed for conference rooms and lounges. If people feel safe and at ease when they sit down at a table, then they’ll be able to come up with the best ideas, enjoy their meals and take key decisions effectively. Station 4 is a portable variant with two dispensers, one with gentle cleansing foam, one with neutralising lotion. This allows people to wash their hands without using water or sanitiser, which can irritate the skin. The tray can either be mounted on a freestanding unit or used as a minimalist tabletop solution. kits
Hygiene for on the go – it’s not just in enclosed spaces that we need hygiene products ready to hand, but also in public spaces and while travelling. sieger design created the kits for use outside the home. They can be given to customers, visitors and staff as a gesture of gratitude, appreciation and hospitality. The agency team designed three packs, which can be customised with a company’s own corporate design: Kit 1 with just a face mask, Kit 2 with a face mask and disposable gloves and Kit 3 with mask, gloves, hand sanitiser and moisturiser.

As well as designing the products and the packagings for the kits, sieger design also worked on the communication concept and created a new product brochure.

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