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Sync – the new pull-down kitchen fitting from Dornbracht

Doing the dishes, cleaning pans, washing salads – with Sync, sieger design has created a new kind of functionality for the kitchen, thus creating more scope for a variety of activities at the sink. Familiar from professional fittings, the pull-down spout increases the radius of action. In order to lend the intricate fitting a dynamic effect whilst supporting the various tasks carried out by the user, sieger design developed a form that comes towards them.

The fitting’s outline represents a new outlet structure within the Dornbracht portfolio and is available in two designs, both of which boast a dynamic form. Available in either a bow or arch form, Sync has been ergonomically designed and can be pivoted 360 degrees for maximum flexibility. Thanks to the pull-down mechanism, the extendible inner tube can be lowered and directed as the user wishes.

Sync appears light and understated. With a conical piece linking the body to the spout, the fitting tapers off to measure 28mm. A further distinctive feature is the progressively designed handle, which draws on and reverses the conical contours. The result is a trapeze-shaped profile that gives the uncarved lever an intricate appearance whilst enabling user-friendly operation. With an intuitive-touch handle, the water temperature can be finely adjusted within an ergonomic 90-degree opening arc.

Depending on the activity and purpose, Sync offers two kinds of water flow: a natural laminar flow and a more powerful jet. In order to fulfil the design requirements, which stipulated a minimal spout diameter, Dornbracht developed a new nozzle for the series. The user can switch between the two flow types simply by pressing a button on the back of the matt black, thermally insulated gripping area, which creates a formal contrast with the streamlined spout and is optimal for holding in the hand.

Sync is available in two galvanic surface finishes: chrome and matt platinum, both of which are exceptionally durable, making them a unique way to satisfy the specific demands of the kitchen.

Picture Copyright: Dornbracht
Photography: Thomas Popinger
Communication Concept, Creation and Architecture for Dornbracht: Meiré und Meiré

ISH innovations magazine 2015 (PDF)

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