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New modesty

Development and design of Deque fittings with a hybrid shape and an exciting range of water jets

With its wide and generous spout, Deque provides a new water jet concept. The minimalist design of the fittings enables you to focus on the water itself. This focus and the combination of various geometric forms are the key features of the product concept, which was developed for Dornbracht. It represents a milestone in form and function for the partnership to coincide with the ISH 2011 trade fair.

Geometric, minimalist and unpretentious – Deque doesn’t need to make any grand gestures. The aspiration to simplicity is reflected in the pure design language of the fittings. During the development phase, sieger design engaged with the topics of societal change and the consequences of the financial crisis. The desire for value that endures and the desire for a down-to-earth approach to life have both been distilled in the design. This means that Deque lives up to the zeitgeist and yet also remains timeless thanks to its minimalist design.

The fittings have been designed so that they are positioned low and flat above the basin, which means they are always viewed from the top. Your eye is automatically drawn to the movement of the water and the flow from the water jet. The minimalist design, the wide spout and the low positioning of the fittings create a dialogue between the solidness of the material and the ephemeral nature of the element of water. Combining contrasting qualities is one of the defining features of Deque. The fitting, which does not feature a rosette, is understated but retains its confident, sculptural form. The design combines two different types of geometric lines to create a hybrid effect. “To create a deliberate break in the form, we let the cylindrical control unit shine out in contrast to the severe lines of the cuboid fitting”, explains Michael Sieger. “Designed with an angle of 45 degrees, it draws the eye and hand of the user and enables intuitive use.” With this unusual design language, sieger design has opted for an ergonomically practical and intuitive solution. Both geometric shapes merge into one another precisely without the use of bevelled edges.

The three-hole fitting is also a key feature of this hybrid design. It gives an even more streamlined appearance and takes the principle of minimalism to the extreme. This overarching concept has been applied to other applications such as filling the bathtub. Here, the free-standing waterfall spout once again underlines the natural origins of water. “It was important for us to keep working on the minimalist design of recent years and to give it a new, flatter look but also to develop a whole new range in terms of functionality”, explains designer Michael Sieger. The visual added value comes from the new effects created by the water jet, which is operated by a single-lever mixer and features 13 individual water jets, resulting in a wide waterfall. This unusual feature creates a lively, sensuous and emotive effect. The name “pearl stream” originated back in the development stage to describe the bubble and sparkle of the water.

In addition to the visual effects, the textural experience also plays a key role. The special water jet effect allows you to wash your hands in a pleasant, efficient way, while saving water at the same time. With four litres per minute, the flow rate is significantly lower than the current average of six to eight litres. The functional added value lies in the ideal rinse, which is still achieved despite the low flow rate. The entire Deque range of fittings for washstands, bidets, showers and bathtubs is available in chrome and matt black.

Picture and Movie Copyright: Dornbracht
Photography: Thomas Popinger
Communication Concept, Creation and Architecture for Dornbracht: Meiré und Meiré

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