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Minimalism with charm in the bathroom

sieger design has developed a modular furniture range for Alape that can be used for minimalist or modern classic bathroom designs

Pristine, streamlined fronts are the hallmark feature of Alape’s bathroom furniture. In 2022, sieger design took that minimalist design principle to the next level with ARKTA, a versatile furniture range that can be used for bathroom styles such as modern classic. The interplay of exquisite materials, colours and details like the slender frame on the front panel brings warmth, charm and comfort to the bathroom.

Michael Sieger and his team designed the modular wall-mounted washstands and cabinets in variable widths and two different heights, and ensured a harmonious visual fit between the modules. In combination with a selection of rounded glazed steel basins and a range of exclusive materials for the countertops and panels, they help to create elegant, stylish ambiences that exude warmth and comfort.

The core design element of the ARKTA range is a discreet rectangular frame made of wood, which accentuates and enhances the front panels. The frame is mitred and matt lacquered in a choice of white or one of three harmonious grey shades. sieger design also developed a variety of handle designs that can be used to add a distinctive, individual touch to the front panels.

The elegant countertops, made of ceramic, quartz or mineral stone, harmonise with the front panels and bring out their superb quality. Inside the drawers, aluminium dividers keep things tidy and organised. The range is rounded off by an illuminated circular mirror and an optional nightlight that can be flush-mounted on the underside of the modules.

Alongside the myriad customisation options and high standards of function and design, another defining feature of the ARKTA range is the focus on sustainable materials. The wood used for the genuine wood veneers comes from sustainable forestry projects, while the countertops are made from natural, fully recyclable materials.

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