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Reducing an archetype to its essence

For Dornbracht, sieger design has developed a new generation of the iconic 1995 bathroom collection Meta that takes the series’ old strengths to a whole new level

Regarded today as the archetypal single-lever mixer tap, Meta broke new ground back in 1995 with its minimalist, cylindrical form and exceptional versatility. sieger design has now given this product philosophy a contemporary reinterpretation, with a more streamlined look, updated control mechanisms and new finishes inspired by some of the leading international interior trends. “Just like the original Meta from the 90s, this new design can be integrated into many different settings and styles,” explains Michael Sieger.

How does a product become an archetype? Meta is one of several such milestones in the longstanding partnership between Dornbracht and sieger design, and the iconic bathroom collection has enjoyed enduring success ever since it was first launched. The key to this success is its timeless, streamlined aesthetic and ingenious product design. The new Meta also possesses both these attributes, though it has a far more minimalist and contemporary look, with a thinner spout and lever, integrated aerator and non-bevelled edges on the lower part of the lever.

For the new generation, sieger design created three striking variants: as well as an updated version of the Meta with the classic control mechanism, there is also Meta slim, which has a thinner lever with a special kinematic design where the lower part of the lever is no longer tilted, and Meta pure, which has a progressive cartridge with a rotary control mechanism that allows users to navigate between cold, mixed and hot water. This new mechanism, in which transitions from one setting to the next are signalled by a soft click, is economical and environmentally friendly: since cold water always comes out first when the control is activated, no energy is wasted heating up hot water that ends up not being needed.

Back in the 90s, the original Meta broke new ground in bathroom design with its unconventional finishes. The next-generation Meta family also caters to those with the courage to be colourful, with a host of meticulously developed shades. As well as variants in chrome and matt platinum, Meta products will – depending on type – be available in matt black, light grey, dark grey, soft green, light pink, yellow, grey blue and dark platinum matt. This wide range of contemporary finishes gives planners, architects and interior designers maximum flexibility when it comes to creating decorative styles.

Picture Copyright: sieger design; CGIs by gamut, Münster
The last four pictures: Dornbracht, creative direction: Mike Meiré

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