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Luminaires for greater well-being

sieger design develops the new Trilux Arimo Fit and Creavo grid luminaires as a holistic lighting solution for offices and educational establishments

Good light quality contributes to improved well-being, concentration and performance. With Arimo Fit and Creavo, sieger design has created two sister systems for holistic lighting concepts in offices and educational institutions. The luminaires for grid ceilings, introduced in 2020, produce a pleasant, glare-free light and are operated with extremely energy-efficient LEDs. They are just as perfectly matched to each other in terms of their innovative design as they are with regard to lighting effect, sizes and installation methods.

The luminaires in the Arimo Fit family achieve a high-quality planar light. The central design element is a very narrow and flat frame made of aluminium profiles. This delicately crafted frame provides high recognition value with its joint, burr and chamfer. It works like a precisely positioned picture frame that emphasises and enhances the shape of the ceiling luminaire. The light-emitting surface of Arimo Fit is up to 12% larger than that of comparable products, giving the impression that the entire ceiling section is illuminated without a border.

The dimensions of the recessed, suspended and surface-mounted luminaires in square or rectangular form are defined using the luminaire family’s grid system. Thanks to their stepped profile geometry, the luminaires are centred neatly on the grid, optically blend into the supporting strips and thus give the ceiling an uncluttered look that contributes to well-being. The design team precisely matched the design, dimensions and types of the series to the Creavo luminaire family for directional light. This means holistic lighting solutions can be created by combining the two systems.

To complement the planar lighting, Creavo sets attractive accents with directional light, which has a pleasant effect when working and studying. The lighting series is characterised by the use of the modular ConVision technology developed by Trilux. This innovative lighting technology principle avoids glare and multiple shadows, and ensures high levels of light quality and efficiency. It offers a precisely matched combination of LED lenses in cubically shaped chambers. These light chambers are located in the centre of the luminaire body, which is made of sheet steel. In addition to the functional effect, the light chambers also make a design statement with their rounded corners.

Both Trilux luminaire families have high lumen output for eye-friendly light. The Creavo is also available as an Active version for human-centric lighting, which creates daylight-like conditions in the office or learning environment. This can support the biological rhythm of employees and students and thus promote well-being, concentration and performance. The two systems operated with long-lasting LEDs are also an interesting option for use in offices and educational institutions because they are extremely sustainable, energy-efficient and low-maintenance, which reduces costs. Both luminaire families can be controlled via the IoT harbour with the intelligent light management system LiveLink from Trilux. It works with sensors and beacons that are ready for future technology and has a simple plug-and-play connection. This already makes it possible to control automatic ventilation systems and human-centric lighting today.

Trilux and sieger design have maintained a long-standing partnership based around the complex and emotional topic of light. For sieger design, the collaboration, which began in 2006, is about creating holistic solutions with a systematic design approach to the company’s innovative lighting technologies. With Arimo Fit and Creavo, the design team has succeeded in developing two future-oriented luminaire families with precise details that promote well-being when working and studying.

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