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Alape presents a new range of basins and expands its selection of wash stand solutions

Clear, minimalist and intricate – premium manufacturer Alape is unveiling two new developments from sieger design that bring to life precision and individuality: the 2step basin series and free-standing solitary washbasins. The unique material, glazed steel, is crafted down to the millimetre and, thanks to its malleability and hardness, enables wall thicknesses to be kept to a minimum. Furthermore, the lightness of the material is underscored by a minimalist design.

A reduction in form, an increase in functionality. With 2step, sieger design has created an elegant series of basins that gain depth over two levels. The clearly defined geometry of the basin includes a striking intermediate step, which the user can choose to position to the left, to the right or at the back. This functional space can be used as a tap platform or as additional storage space for bathroom accessories. With a width of just 3mm, the thickness of the basin has been kept to a minimum. Precisely defined contours and angles underscore the minimalist design and create a sense of lightness.

2step is available in two fitted versions. In terms of the built-in basins, the intricate rim that goes around the basin protrudes 25mm from the base plate, thus further separating the wet zone from the dry area. Moreover, the unique steel enamel and its meticulous workmanship enable the unit to be fitted flush. In this version, the rim of the basin and the surface of the base plate meld into one and, as the seal is almost invisible, the washbasin unit boasts a seamless appearance.

Alape will also be unveiling new free-standing washbasin solutions at ISH 2015. These will also reflect the intricate design style. The thin-walled basins Unisono and Metaphor will be connected to a cylindrical or square column, with a fine chrome ring binding the two elements together to form a harmonious whole. Both wall-mounted and free-standing fittings can be flexibly mixed and matched.

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