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Garçon s’il vous plaît

For the brand LucyBalu, sieger design has developed a cat feeding station with high-quality porcelain bowls

People who are passionate about their home’s interior design will want their pet accessories to look beautiful too. In 2022, Michael Sieger designed the feeding station GARÇON s.v.p. for the brand LucyBalu – and for all the cat lovers out there. The station allows owners to easily serve their cats’ meals in porcelain bowls without needing to crouch down. A special edition, Choupette, is dedicated to fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld’s famous cat. In 2023, the LOOLOO cat toilet was unveiled as another joint design project – equipped with a pure wooden frame and high-quality stainless steel construction that is easy to clean.

The recently launched premium brand LucyBalu makes cat furniture and accessories which appeal to humans and felines alike. As a cat lover, Michael Sieger was immediately excited to work with the brand. LucyBalu and sieger design also share a love of stylish home accessories, with the agency having designed many trailblazing homeware icons down the years. “We work day in, day out with tableware and home accessories ­– and now that includes dinner sets for cats,” says Michael Sieger. “So we think it’s great that there’s a supplier who offers these kinds of premium accessories for cats.”

The porcelain feeding station developed by sieger design makes it easier to serve cats’ meals with all the love and affection they deserve. The stylishly designed set includes a shallow, cylindrical porcelain bowl, a bowl with handle, a slow feeder with relief pattern and a cloche to cover the food. All the bowls can be served on the plastic tray, which has circular recesses to hold them securely in place. Since anyone who has pets will know how difficult it can be to carry small bowls of water without spilling any, the tray has a handle positioned precisely in the centre that makes it easier to carry the tray and flexibly lower it into position. Even if you swing it in the air, the bowls won’t move. The name Garçon s’il vous plaît is a humorous reference to the fact that, as Michael Sieger puts it, “pretty much every cat owner will sometimes feel like they’re waiting on their feline friend.”

The porcelain bowls are stackable, dishwasher-safe and easy to clean. For the slow feeder bowl, sieger design created a relief pattern that serves a practical as well as a decorative function: the circular grooves trap some of the food, meaning the cat can’t gobble it down too quickly. An opening in the middle allows the CDF tray to be easily detached from the powder-coated handle.

Since 2020, LucyBalu has been working with Choupette, the cat of the late fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. Michael Sieger developed a special edition for Choupette with an elegant black and white design and gold-layered porcelain handles.

“Humans have co-existed with animals for centuries, and today’s pet owners greatly appreciate the companionship of their cats, dogs or birds. So I’m delighted that we’ve created a beautiful, functional product for these special friendships – and we’re sure our own cat Luna will love it too”, says Michael Sieger.

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