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20 years after the launch of the TARA bathroom fitting, a new archetype is born in the form of SELV

Innovative, modern and yet somehow familiar – these are the words that best describe SELV, the new Dornbracht range created by Michael Sieger. The minimalist fitting is reserved, unpretentious and needs no “staging”. It has everything it takes to become a modern classic and thus follow in the footsteps of TARA, a bathroom fitting that has never lost its edge despite being imitated many times all over the world. SELV was presented for the first time in March 2012.

As a famous aphorism put it: “simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” This dictum provides a subtle introduction to SELV. This down-to-earth and unassuming fitting is based on a product concept that takes societal change into account – with normality as the new modernity. People are concerned with sustainable values, redefining their own status and image, and their desire for self-determination.

SELV is an authentic fitting and, thanks in particular to its soft contours, an accessible one. In terms of form, it comes across as neither severe nor artificial but instead harmonious and sincere. As Michael Sieger says, it’s distinguished by “a high degree of naturalness”. At the same time, however, it satisfies people’s desires for individuality. sieger design created the series so that it could be used in a range of different contexts – whether in modern, minimalist surroundings; classic, homely interiors or combined with materials such as ceramics or marble. SELV is able to attain this universality – in the sense of integration – as a result of its reserved physiognomy, with all its geometric parameters reduced to their essentials. The cone-shaped body, for example, has been reduced to the smallest-possible size. The chip carving-free fitting is also positioned extremely flat to ensure as low a discharge height as possible. With the single-lever mixer, the lever follows the geometric form of the fitting but tapers in relation to the discharge contour. By avoiding exact parallelism, SELV appears softer both from above and from the side. It also goes without saying that clear and intuitive functionality played a key role in the design process. The water emerges from the body: something which, despite the proximity to the basin, is optimal for washing your hands.

SELV comes across as pleasantly composed, fits in easily with the bathroom as a whole respectively its surroundings and, thanks to its individuality, offers practical benefits to planners, architects, interior designers and end consumers – with the innovative concept expanding the spectrum of shapes at Dornbracht. SELV is available as a three-hole mixer, single-lever mixer or bath four-hole tap with matching accessories in a choice of surfaces: chrome and matt platinum.

Picture and Movie Copyright: Dornbracht, sketch by sieger design
Photography: Attila Hartwig, Fotostudio Tölle, sketch by sieger design
Communication Concept, Creation and Architecture for Dornbracht: Meiré und Meiré

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