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sieger design developed a complete brand presence for Coler Systems

From video equipment for an entire football stadium to a radio infrastructure for the Bergwacht Bayern mountain rescuers, Coler Systems implements complex security and communications solutions as well as ambitious smart home systems. In a process of dialogue lasting several months, sieger design developed the company’s brand strategy and corporate design as well as a new website. Through the use of state-of-the-art storytelling and design principles, the website communicates the full spectrum of Coler Systems’ services in an emotionally engaging way.

The collaboration began in summer 2016 when the company approached sieger design about developing a new website. This quickly led to a wide-ranging brand development process lasting several months, at the end of which the company had a revamped brand profile and new corporate design.

“We care” was the slogan that sieger design developed for the company. It perfectly encapsulates the tech specialist’s aspiration to provide comprehensive service. Coler Systems not only develops and implements sophisticated solutions, but if desired can also provide customers with ongoing round-the-clock support.

The brand profile combines conservative values such as trust and stability with a fresh, modern image that is especially evident on the website, the brand’s central communication channel. Coler Systems’ services are so diverse and complex that it is hard to summarise them in a few key terms. It’s made even more challenging by the highly varied target groups that the company is addressing – from architects to tradespeople to end users.

Project-based storytelling plays a key role in communicating this diverse range of services. The sieger design team filmed a series of clips on various Coler Systems customer projects, each of which illuminates different aspects of the company’s work and makes clear in the space of just a few minutes what the company is all about: comprehensive service combined with state-of-the-art solutions to myriad different challenges. This applies both to complex projects and to portable surveillance systems like Coler SecWatch. The clips don’t merely describe how Coler Systems works: they show the essence of the brand.

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