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A sumptuous treat for all the senses

For the German distillery Feinbrennerei Sasse, sieger design has developed premium-quality refillable bottles for the home bar, featuring striking geometric patterns and distinctively designed labels

Good times in good company: the “Gepflegter Freitagsdrink” Collection No. 1 from Feinbrennerei Sasse is intended to bring about a home bar renaissance. In 2022, the distillery is releasing six limited-edition handmade spirits, ranging from cognac to whisky, for people to enjoy at home, accompanied by exclusive recipes that will allow even beginners to mix perfect cocktails. The distillery’s chief executive Rüdiger Sasse wanted some beautifully designed bottles for the collection that customers could refill with their favourite spirit after use. That sieger design was able to successfully realise this goal, is proven, among other things, by winning the Paris Design Award 2022 in the graphic design/packaging category.

Following extensive research, sieger design opted for a striking, solid, rectangular form, modelled on traditional whisky carafes. The agency developed a stopper, tamper-proof seal, decor and labels with a distinctive design for the bottles. The Collection No. 1 is set apart by its elegantly cut, gleamingly polished stoppers and the black and white labels with pristine and streamlined typography.

The bottles’ decor was inspired by the metal mesh on traditional siphon bottles, which has been given a modern twist. Geometric patterns are printed on all sides of the bottles. There’s a different pattern for each of the six handmade spirits, and when lined up together they blend into a harmonious whole. The designers began by experimenting with ultra-fine, delicate patterns before developing the broad, distinctive lines that mark a clear contrast from competitors’ products. The labels can be easily removed so that customers can refill the exquisite glass bottles with their favourite spirit. All these qualities make the bottles an attractive addition to a sophisticated home bar – and appealing collector’s items in their own right.

Each of the spirits is handmade in small batches, and the deluxe black box fittingly presents them as something truly special, with the bottles’ subtly glistening patterns visible on the matt surface. After undoing the magnetic clasp, the box opens like a deluxe book. Inside is a limited-edition bottle, laid on top of which is a booklet with further information about the manufacturer and special recipes that even beginners can use to mix perfect cocktails to enjoy in good company. The recipes were developed exclusively for the Collection No. 1 by seasoned barkeepers Fea and Timo Dunse, and are based on the collection’s six “must-haves”. There is also an advertising campaign that emphasises the bottles’ fine details and the sublime taste of these premium spirits.

The first handmade spirit to be released from the Collection No. 1, which is limited to a run of 850 bottles, is New Western Style Gin. The other five spirits – rum, korn, cognac, whisky and vodka – are then being released at two-month intervals.

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