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The Metaphor range of washstands from Alape makes a clear, focused statement

In 2009, the Metaphor range was born of the idea to give water a central place in the bathroom. The washstand, an amalgamation of basin and furnishing, acts as the room’s focal point. It can be either free-standing or positioned against a wall and serves as the starting point for the room’s design and architecture. sieger design developed a washstand with a simple, monolithic look and feel in order to create a place to cleanse body and soul.

Metaphor becomes the focal point of the room concept and gives off the air of a sculpture. The design team wanted to ensure it was open to a range of architectural styles. Their aim, to make living spaces an integral part of modern-day living and experiences, did much to define the forms and materials of the range.

The basin foregoes a tap ledge and features a delicate rim to exude minimalism, while the glazed steel, the piece’s most important material, is impressive on account of its precision, flatness and robustness. This generously sized worktop basin rests on an undercounter equally as wide and deep, and its surface, made of American oak, creates a natural and homely ambience. A towel rail can be fitted to the left or right of the washbasin; this further highlights the Metaphor design and firmly establishes it in the room. Functionality was also a key consideration. This means, for example, that the two drawers, positioned one on top of the other, can be conveniently opened and closed by a hand or knee with the simple push-to-open-technique; storage solutions also come in different sizes. Furthermore, the series can be complemented and customised with an elegant glass panel, which can be positioned at the rim and used as an adjustable shelf. As the panel is made of glass, it also creates a unique visual effect when water beads spread over it like pearls. Metaphor has another solution for guest bathrooms: this involves integrating the basin almost seamlessly into a compact, wall-mounted furniture unit in a way that completely conceals all hints of its technical installations.

Besides the holistic washstands, sieger design also developed individual worktop basins in three sizes for Alape, as well as a components system comprising baseplates, drawers and mirrors for customising the range for the domestic and semi-public domains.

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