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A culture of fine differences

With a distinct design refinement, the Meta.02 kitchen fitting has produced the new Meta Square

Subtle change, big impact. Just like the bathroom fitting series Meta, sieger design has also given a contemporary makeover to the Meta.02 kitchen fitting for Dornbracht. Along with a consistent reduction in form and volume, additional finishes and styles underline the elegance and versatility of the new generation of fittings in 2023.

A range of subtle modifications – aligned to changing requirements and interior styles – re-emphasises the strengths of the product series, which has enjoyed great success for more than 20 years. “Our design refinements now give Meta Square an essentially more delicate and therefore contemporary appearance,” explains Michael Sieger. “We have minimised the diameter of the body of the fitting without having to use a rosette. The additional height of the fitting, lending it a slenderer appearance, the lack of a groove in the lower part of the lever and the integrated flow reducer in the spout make Meta Square more noticeably minimalist while retaining the usual characteristics, the clarity and succinctness of the previous generation – just as we have successfully achieved with the Meta bathroom fitting series. A culture of fine differences.”

The familiar right-angled bend of the spout and reduction in form lend versatility to the new series. With a choice of eleven finishes, Meta Square is highly alterable and can be integrated harmoniously into a variety of kitchen styles or used as a focal point. Alongside the classic Dornbracht finishes, three new options are available for the fitting: the warm, golden tones Champagne (22 ct gold) and Brushed Champagne (22 ct gold), and Dark Chrome. In addition to this, the classic lever mixer is now also available in a pull-down version or as a bar tap, for preliminary activities.

You’ll find information on the bathroom fitting series Meta here:

Reducing an archetype to its essence

Picture copyright: Dornbracht
Photography: Johannes Bauer (product image), Jonas von der Hurde (architecture photos)

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