Unity in diversity

A˘system bietet umfangreiche Kombinationsmöglichkeiten für personalisierte Waschplätze – von sieger design für Alape entworfen

Every bathroom tells a different story - but only with a modular range that satisfies architectural demands and takes individual wants into account can washbasins be truly tailor-made. A˘system, the holistic range of all-in-one systems, is exceptionally versatile thanks to a multitude of components that can be mixed and matched: basins and washstands made from glazed steel as well as furnishings to match. All modules have been designed with a view to interlocking, which means units with a coherent overall look.

Every day begins and ends with a ritual in the bathroom – more specifically, physical purification at the washbasin. This is a very personal act, which everyone would agree should be performed in a setting that puts them at ease. sieger design has developed a standard modular range for Alape that affords virtually limitless scope for design and planning. The challenge was to design components that exuded aesthetic quality and that would, however combined, meld into a harmonious whole – all the while not losing sight of the desired versatility. Universality was achieved especially on account of the modules' minimalist formal language and their clean and harmonious lines.

Premium range A˘system encompasses two lines, which are based on a consistent grid concept but differ in terms of choice and possible combinations. A˘system init makes it possible to combine recessed, worktop or bowl-shaped basins with a variety of modules. In order to compose the units of different kinds of materials, the base plate is available in a choice of wood, natural stone or glass – unlike in the A˘system addit, where combinations bring home an all the more monolithic look. Instead of a basin, individual washstands, be they wall-hanging or free-standing, come together to form a harmonious unit with furnishings in a range of different heights, widths and depths. Moreover, the base plates and tableaux are made entirely of wood so as to match the furniture facades. The exact material used for the washstands, glazed steel, allows for all components to fit together perfectly.

Consoles with a clean design, minimal gaps and drawers without handles all underscore the aesthetic character of both A˘system lines, which endeavour to guarantee top quality and universality. The drawers can be conveniently opened and closed by hand or knee with a push-to-open technique. All furnishing elements, which are also used to design sideboards and benches, shine with their exquisite finishes. The same applies to the tableaux and base plates. Tall cabinets, mirrors, lighting, as well as accessories such as hand towel rails, can also be integrated with the utmost ease.

In a bid to provide planners, and end consumers in particular, with a straightforward impression of the extensive range, Alape and sieger design have put together examples of possible combinations within the A˘system init and A˘system addit lines. These combinations provide a necessary guide to the extensive range, while the functional modular principle has been designed to foster a high degree of individuality. Due to this modular structure, the range is suitable for small and more spacious bathrooms alike.