SEVEN – Just 7 things you need!

Von einfacher Schönheit und Leichtigkeit – das neue SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG Service

Simple, beautiful and carefree – the new SEVEN dining service encompasses just seven different pieces, each of which exudes a gentle lightness thanks to their pure, archetypical forms. At the same time, each product can be virtually used in any number of different ways and combinations. This minimalism with maximum universal style, the charming pattern concept with satin-matt surfaces, and the extraordinary quality of handcrafted porcelain make Michael Sieger’s SEVEN unique – and a confident trendsetter!

SEVEN is for those who consciously choose to own fewer things – because they have to be flexible in their career and move house often, for example, or because they want to redefine their own style for living. The dining service is perfectly in line with changes in society. In equal measure, not only is the need for saving space growing, the necessity frequently is too. The effects of urbanisation can be felt around the globe, particularly in the metropolis regions where living space is becoming smaller and more expensive.* “The demands placed on furnishings and kitchenware, however, remain high – and SEVEN can meet these with its extremely high quality of handcrafted porcelain and maximum universal style”, says Michael Sieger.

Whether for breakfast or lunch, a quick snack or gourmet meal – SEVEN is functional and versatile. Each piece can be used and combined in any number of ways. Take the cup for hot and cold beverages – it also functions universally as a bowl for antipasti or ice cream. Or a plate, which can be used as a saucer or platter depending on its size, but also as a lid for the bowls to keep meals warm and to store them.

In the atelier at Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG, each individual piece goes through up to 100 hands to create a valuable one-of-a-kind object in the end that is adorned with either a glossy or matt surface. “The satin-like, matt surfaces in particular feel soft to the touch and caress the skin – so much so that you never want to let them go,” explains Michael Sieger. “It is simply a great haptic experience.” SEVEN is available in pure white or one of four patterns. With the various surfaces and patterns, a continually new, individual and exciting mix is created. For example, you can combine Satin White with Geometric Blue or Light Gold with Hanami.

Pure white with a feel of cashmere – the matt surface of Satin White is particularly soft. By giving the glazed porcelain a premium satin finish, this “flatterer for your hands” receives a powdery surface.

Geometric Blue reflects the straight-lined and precision of this dining service with a cobalt-blue pattern. The porcelain features a satin-matt, powdery surface on the outside.

For Light Gold, a fine gold band adorns the seven glazed-glossy pieces. Applied and polished by hand, the 24-carat precious metal gives the dining service a warm, elegant effect.

Hanami has been inspired by the Japanese cherry blossom, the symbol for beauty. The individual pieces, which feature a glazed-glossy surface on the inside and outside, are refined with polished 24-carat gold. The term Hanami (Japanese for “flower viewing”) describes the famous tradition o!f the cherry blossom festival.

SEVEN is a simple yet equally valuable alternative to our MY CHINA! porcelain set consisting of over 80 white pieces which offer, with their three basic shapes and five patterns, a rich selection for families, gourmet chefs and many others. “Everyone decides for themselves what fits their style – depending on their interests, their own situation in life and their personal taste”, says Michael Sieger.

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