Providing individual experiences

Ein Bad, viele Anwendungen – die neue Programmatik lassen sich Handlungsräume individuell gestalten

It's functionality rather than design that's taking centre stage this time – that's the focus born of the innovative modular "Personal needs, individual spaces" concept and what led sieger design and Dornbracht to outline a zonal architecture for the bathroom in a bid to support individual processes. This gave rise to the division of new, specially functional outlets separated from their operating elements, irrespective of whether they are mechanically or electronically controlled.

Every single one of us spends, and enjoys, their time in the bathroom in a different way. This can depend on gender, family situation or daily routine. But how can the solutions that cater for this spectrum of needs be better integrated into a spatial concept in order to facilitate individual rituals?

While a yearning for individuality, when it comes down to it, isn't a new trend in the area of bathroom design, Dornbracht and sieger design are now turning their attentions to a new thematic approach. Concept development kicked off with comprehensive market research based on people's real-life experiences – how they spend their time in the bathroom and what sorts of wants and needs they have, be they related to hygiene, beauty or well-being. After all, perceptions of space in the bathroom have long since moved on: it's a private spa and fitness area, it supports people in terms of both body and mind, and brings to light an increasing number of health-promoting goals.

"Personal needs, individual spaces" demonstrates how the different areas can be designed with a view to functionality. This allows for several possible applications to coexist whilst using existing products or specialised outlets – that are created by sieger design to be distinctly delicate and reduced – for the 'Cleansing', 'Showering', 'Bathing' and 'Foot Bathing' zones. The cylindrical bodies that emanate from a washstand or bathtub are minimalist and, if desired, do not feature a rosette. On the one hand, this led to the creation of a fixed spout that could be swivelled by up to 180 degrees thanks to a rotatable aerator. It's available in two heights and is ideally suited for filling up an oral irrigator. On the other hand, it comes with a flexible, removable sprinkler with a coated textile sleeving. This is where the manoeuvrability and positioning of outlets play a decisive role, independent of any mechanical or electronic control system. Women, for example those who often wash their hair at a washstand, can position the sprinkler head to the right or left depending on their dominant hand.

The range is rounded off with a swivelling bidet mixer tap and a pouring pipe with a laminar jet that can be easily and safely adjusted in a footbath thanks to its thermally decoupled handle. Alternating-temperature part-body showers and knee showers have proven their worth in promoting circulation and stimulating metabolism. These applications can also be automated through Smart Water scenarios.

Picture Copyright: Dornbracht

Photography: Stephan Abry

Communication Concept, Creation and Architecture for Dornbracht: Meiré und Meiré