Mediterranean flair

Die Modekollektion „Aquarius“ lässt uns in eine andere Welt abtauchen – und zeigt die Vielfalt im und am Mittelmeer

Travel awakens sensual pleasures and fuels a zest for life. And the Mediterranean becomes a mecca for rest and the ideal setting for water sports. The island atmosphere encouraged Michael Sieger to draw inspiration for Aquarius from nature and the colourful interplays. The spring/summer collection 2013 includes ready-to-wear clothing, accessories and swim shorts for gentlemen, and for ladies there are scarfs, shawls, carrés and silk ribbons.

Vivid blue, intense turquoise, white, a yellow that gleams like the sun and the beige tone of the beach can be seen amongst pastel shades in the new SIEGER fashion. Coral and fish motifs are as characteristic of the mediterranean as the stripes that somehow call to mind beach towels and parasols. The collection engenders a passion for life and a sense of well-being associated with the region – it exudes the elegance of a trip to Cannes, radiates the vivacity of the beaches on Ibiza and is as enlivening as the harbour of Portofino. Geometric patterns are waiting to be discovered in the accessories and some even hark back to Mediterranean history. We know that the meandering shapes, with their distinctly right-angled contours, have been used as ornamental pieces since the Neolithic age. Well known from robes, or indeed from architecture, they have been newly interpreted as contemporary micro patterns by Michael Sieger alongside a plethora of further diamond and mosaic arrangements. His courage to explore new avenues is also evident in the photo print accessories, the San Pantaleo pochette and the Palmarola women’s scarf, both of which reiterate how the designer has added his personal touch to the collection. The motif ideas were created whilst on a family holiday as he was photographing his daughter’s bath toy as well as bubbles as they rose to the sea’s surface. 

The items are made by German and Italian craftsmen who work with nothing but high-quality fabrics. SIEGER offers a colourful selection of suits and blazers, as well as a trench coat, pea coat and frock coat. A style for summer 2013: bicoloured and multicoloured stripes on light printed cotton and small, brilliant geometric patterns. Scarfs, ties, bow ties and pochettes, be they worn loosely for a casual look, or in a manner that epitomises elegance get you in the mood for summer with a touch of lightness. And there are also ladies’ accessories for an exhilarating summer – especially if you’re amongst those who go in for bold colours. In the Aquarius collection, ladies’ scarfs, carrés and shawls showcase the most diverse facets of island life. Corals unearthed in a reef, or an expressive octopus, are absolute essentials here. With dimensions measuring up to 140 x 200 cm, the ladies’ shawls constitute a generous canvas and can be worn in a variety of ways – around the neck or the head, over the shoulder, as a top, or as a pareo when wrapped around the waist. A new fabric accessory featured in the SIEGER portfolio is the silk ribbon: available in a choice of five patterns and several colour combinations, it offers no less versatility and can be worn around the neck, on the wrist or on a bag.

More images on request.