Luna – To the stars

Neuheit Frühjahr/Sommer 2015 von SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG

Clarity and precision meet sensuality and poetry – the new Luna collection is sculptural in nature. Like a space capsule travelling towards the moon and stars, the vases feature the same harmonious contours to recreate the object-like character of these spacecraft.

Fascinated by space discovery, Michael Sieger infused the vessels with their individual character. One thing that makes them so special is their tapering conical form; available in three sizes, they can therefore showcase both smaller and more lavish floral bouquets. They are available either in pure white or in a black-and-white decor that brings together both vertical and horizontal stripes – refined with 24-carat burnished gold. The vases are hand-crafted in Germany.

Design: Michael Sieger (SIEGER)
Manufacturer: Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG
Material: Porcelain, decor with 24-carat gold (finished by hand)
Handmade in Germany

Find out more: http://www.sieger-germany.com/en/Luna