Mode für Herbst/Winter 2014/15 von SIEGER

Legend has it that the sword of King Arthur was forged on the Isle of Avalon and makes its carrier invincible – and it is this sword that gives the new SIEGER collection its name. The range includes suits, blazers, outdoor jackets/coats, woollen coats, quilted gilets, garment-dyed pants and individual accessories.

The myths surrounding King Arthur, along with the knights of the Round Table and heraldic motifs, were the inspiration for Michael Sieger’s collection. Many of the graphical patterns, for example, are reminiscent of the intricate tracery, arches and stained glass windows found in Gothic architecture. The micro patterns are akin to forms carved in stone, whereas the abstract ornamentation calls to mind the relief-like friezes and decorative elements of historic buildings. This all harmonises with the geometry of the eight-pointed star, the SIEGER brand symbol, which can be found in many places throughout the collection.

A knight – on his steed, carrying a lance and shield – adorns the lining of some of the ties. The myth of Excalibur is also reflected in the collection-specific SIEGER coat of arms, which can be seen in the blazers and on the scarfs, as well as showing through in the colours and materials. While the ready-to-wear clothing tends to feature warm tones that are often dark and rich, such as blues, a mottled grey and a burnt orange, the accessories come in shades such as moss green and boudoir, along with natural colours. Beige, brown and off-white are perfect to underscore the quality of the woollen and cashmere fabrics, which for the first time include yak wool.

The Excalibur collection is crafted exclusively by renowned manufacturers from Germany and Italy.

Find out more: www.sieger-germany.com