Complex simplicity

Für Dornbracht entwarf sieger design die Armaturenserie CL.1 mit filigraner, dynamischer Silhouette

Minimalist and progressive – CL.1 boasts a clear profile. sieger design developed the fitting as a coherent unit with a streamlined appearance. In particular, the intricate and reduced-volume body exudes lightness. Coming towards the user, the dynamic alignment and clear formal language lend the series an individual character and a sculptural quality.

The combination of the finest characteristics – subtle adjustments in terms physiognomy, profile and finish significantly change the way a product is perceived. With its complex design, the CL.1 fittings series does not come across as constructed, but rather as a single flowing and harmonious unit. Numerous down-to-the-millimetre judgements formed the basis for the natural contours, which cause the base and the body to meet precisely and flow coherently into one.

CL.1 comes towards the user and approaches them. A slight 15-degree inclination of the vertical arm and the progressive form of the body create dynamism and distinguish the fitting’s outline. From the base, it tapers by 3mm into the curve and, carrying on in parallel material thicknesses, once again narrows by 3mm as it moves towards the spout. So that no additional elements impair the intricate form, sieger design has incorporated an innovative nozzle into the body. Working in conjunction with Dornbracht, the result was a new kind of downwards-facing water flow with extensive coverage.

Slightly rounded, series-specific control panels reference the streamlined architecture of the fitting. As an alternative, the fitting can be complemented by means of an ergonomic lever in keeping with the formal language of the CL.1 range. Furthermore, two new surface finishes, both of which feature architectural structures, give the piece a unique haptic feel. In order to increase the flexibility level still further, mechanical or electronic control elements from other series can be combined with the fitting. At Dornbracht, this individual configuration concept comes under the heading of “Sampling”.

The CL.1 is available in three physiognomic forms to suit different washbasin solutions. In keeping with the intricate design ethos, the size of the tap hole cover is kept to a minimum, measuring a mere 47mm. Whilst the design strategy focused on the three-hole fitting, the range also includes a single-lever fitting as well as various accessories that systematically reflect the formal tenor of the series. A minimalist and sustainable approach was taken to materials use when manufacturing the products, which are available with either a chrome or a matt platinum finish.

CL.1 stands for “Culturing Life”, the Dornbracht brand slogan.